I Was Featured!

Can you believe it’s almost December?  I mean, I can’t.  I feel like I was just putting together my kids’ super hero costumes, and eating Thanksgiving dinner.  Wait…a minute.

Seriously!  Time is fuh-lying!  The elves are back, the weather is cold (down here it’s just beginning) and our Christmas tree is up.  Who ARE we?!  Just some crazy people who put their tree up before the turkey thawed.  That’s right.

About those Halloween costumes though, you can check those out in my Halloween video that I posted.  My girls are wearing them in the video.


But what else went on?  Let’s see…..

Well, I was featured on a blog!  I mean, my blog was featured before, but I have never had a video featured…that I can remember at least.  And this was pretty cool because it’s my BRAND new old Youtube channel.  Does that make sense?

I started a Youtube channel about a year or two after I started my blog (back in 2011).  And, in my honest opinion, my videos weren’t that great.  I do NOT dare you to go back and check them out.  (Or do I?)  No really, they were awful, but I keep them up because I like to see how far I have come since then.

So what is this all about?

Well, just like writing, and photography, creating Youtube videos is a way for me to creatively express myself.  It’s nothing like writing.  Or snapping pictures.  But it is something fun that I enjoy doing.   It’s also a lot of work and commitment, and dedication.  Sort of like my fitness journey, which is still going on in case you were wondering.  I’m pretty dedicated to my channel.  Sadly, I’ve been over there more than anywhere else.  I’m quite proud to say that I post routinely, which is more than I can say about my blog.  I hope to incorporate an editorial calendar that will work for my blog though.  I pretty much nailed it for my channel.  Going 2 months strong now, posting weekly!

If you want to check it out, please do.  It’s a different world over there.  I get to tell my story in a unique way, and just network with other people who enjoy doing the same thing.  You totally should stop by and leave a comment on your favorite video of mine so far.

Below is the video that was featured.  This was back in October, but since I haven’t told you all about this, I figured I needed to before we moved onto #vlogmas this year.  Yep, this girl is participating.  Until then…




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