That Time I Went To MY First Blogging Meet-up

Wow, well this post is LONG overdue.  I just got an invitation to my second blogging event in the area and I haven’t even shared my experiences on the first one.

So let’s start with the fact that I am such an introvert.  Maybe you can’t really tell here or on my Youtube channel.  But it’s true.  Half my videos are filmed with business on top, party/chill mode on bottom.   Know what I mean?  Yesterday, I filmed with sweats on, but a decent ensemble on top.  And writing…you can pretty much do that without fixing your make-up or getting dressed period.  Nobody will see that.


Naturally, I had some hesitations about attending the event.  I go through this every time: I want to go, but I’m nervous as hell about it.  I try to put myself in uncomfortable positions, because that’s where I’m going to grow.  Or that is where I’m going to just force myself outside of my bubble at home.  Throw in a GoPro or camera and then it gets twice as awkward.

You know what though?  Having a blog and Youtube channel is all about putting yourself out there.  I learned that the hard way, during my first year and a half of blogging.  I was writing and writing, but my content was not being seen because I wasn’t putting it out there.  Now, you have to be front and center for your content.  Whether it’s on social media, connecting with other bloggers and Youtubers on-line, or attending blogging meet-ups, it is a necessary.  And in my case, a necessary evil. 😉

So some of my mistakes…or shall I saw some of the lessons I learned are ones that I intend to fix this time around.  But let’s quickly run through this short list.

  1.  BUSINESS CARDS – these are so important!  I knew it going in but I haven’t ever made business cards.  The task seems so daunting, considering I have changed the theme of my blog and tried re-branding a few times.  I am working on this though.  And a particular site I am eyeing is  I’m not affiliated with them in any way.  I have decided that I’m going with this company when I’m ready with my branding scheme. (It’s so hard!)
  2. BRINGING A FRIEND – I did bring a friend and it was so much more enjoyable.  I’m sure it would have still been enjoyable if she hadn’t come too, but bringing someone who is equally as new to these types of events helps you both ease into it.
  3. SHOW UP EARLY – One thing I truly hate is showing up to an event on time.  Because the military has taught me that if you’re on time, you’re late.  Ha-ha!  I like to ease into the pool, not jump in head first.  SO being early and getting to meet the hostesses first makes me feel better.  First Blogger Meet-up
  4. NETWORK – You attend events like this solely to network and meet other people who share the same interests as you.  For this event, it meant being around other people who have a passion for writing.  Not many people in my circle, hardly any, would join the 5am club to push out a blog post.  (Which is exactly what I’m doing)  And going to blogging events is really the best place to put a face with a name.  We aren’t just little square boxes on Facebook. 🙂 First Blogger Meet-up


That’s all I got!  I hope these tips help you in making up your mind to attend a blogging event and how to be prepared.  I’m excited to attend the next one in November, meeting new bloggers, and hopefully making another video!  In the meantime, I hope you like this “Get Ready With Me” video.


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