That Time I Fired My Scale


Sitting there, on the edge of falling into another rut, I needed a plan.  In the book I was reading, it states that tracking is a huge part of one’s progress.  There was my answer.  I needed to start tracking.
For me, I am tracking muscle gain, weight gain, and body fat.  There’s some sort of mathematical equation that gives you a magic number to go off of, but we all know that I am terrible at math.  Like really awful.  I have a hard time calculating grocery prices in a store.  I will literally be off by $10.  I don’t know how these things happen.
All I’m saying is that the struggle is real with math, for this lady.  So if I am to rely on calipers, body tape measurements, and a ratchet old scale, it’s definitely not happening.  And that’s really how I stopped using my scales.  All three.  They were cheap brands anyway, and I’d always get a bogus weight because they needed to be recalibrated each time.  And who even knows if it was portraying the truth back to me, in that tiny plastic window.
Are you telling me the truth?  I can handle it.  In fact I need some honesty so that I can honestly crunch some numbers here…
You know that feeling when you are going going going, but don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere?  That was my situation.  Trust how you feel.  Great advice, truly, but I needed to know what was happening.  Even the slightest shift in weight is hard to feel, and I think you all know that.  I really needed to see the numbers, and I wanted to be as accurate as I could.  I wanted to at least start tracking so that I could form a stinking pattern to go off of.
Can there be an easy button?!
It’s not everyday where someone hands you an easy button.   But this company dropped a really nice opportunity into my lap: a chance to review a digital scale that measures body fat composition.  I’m finally going to get somewhere!  Heck yeah!
Talk about impeccable timing.  I was too excited.  You know, the anticipation doesn’t last for very long, since Amazon ships in 2 days.  But when I got it, I was hesitant to open it.  It took me a while because I wanted to be able to film the magical unboxing.  (Did you know that is like a thing?!)
I want to bring you over to my Youtube channel, where I will be sharing my magical moment and some thoughts on this scale.
Does it really help me track?  Would it even be worth it?  Hmm, you will just have to see.

2 thoughts on “That Time I Fired My Scale

  1. Oh dear! I would be afraid to have that fancy scale in my house for a number of reasons, but most obvious: I’m not at your status… YET. 🙂
    I actually do not have a scale. I’ve been relying on my mirror, although I’m not sure if that’s working or not. I feel like I look the same, but my pants today told another story. THEY KEPT FALLING!!! :::Yeah, I’m dancing in my chair:::


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