How I Keep Track of My Life

Disclaimer: *This is a sponsored advertisement post.  I received a product in exchange for an honest review.  Additionally, I am not in any way affiliated with the product I am about to review.  All opinions are my own based on my personal experience with said product.

Busy summer over here.  I’ve been meaning to update you all on how things are going so far but time seems to escape me.  My 13-year-old daughter is visiting for the summer, and we have been having non-stop fun (or at least I have).  Have you heard of the app “”  So. Much. Entertainment.  Who needs reality TV between that and Periscope?  

Then the rest of the summer, I can’t believe this but we have been seeing a blur of contractors on the roof, lots of banging and hammering.  The hum of power tools fill my dreams.  Now, I’m just wondering when our house will be put back together.  Every direction they turned, there was been another minor problem.  It never ends!  I’m officially going to rent a home for the rest of my life.  Or camp out.  Forever.

It’s been a challenge to keep up with things.  My to-do lists have suffered, meal-planning has stopped, and all of my ideas are getting stuck in the funnel of life where only the important and immediate ideas and thoughts get through.  I’m literally stuck in this adulthood suck.  My creative juices are beginning to suffer.  All I want to do is make videos, lift heavy things, be silly and entertaining, write about my adventures, and carry on.  

Such is life, right?

You become an adult and are given a funnel.  If you don’t get a funnel it probably means that you’re a mess, and don’t have the ability to prioritize and take care of the important things.  Like eating and showering. 

Even then, I STILL forget things!  Sometimes I’m walking around with a to-do list buzzing in my mind and I’m not really seeing what is in front of me.  I’ll be looking for my keys or my phone, my shoes, water bottle… (not in order of importance).  It is ridiculous how something in plain sight can practically be invisible, once your eyes cloud over with that impending to-do list rolling through your mind.

I do keep a journal.  Every day I write down (or I try to) a to-do list that I want to accomplish.  Not that everything will necessarily get done, but at least I can get it out of my mind.  And there are notes and actual journal entries that I try to add in there for each day.  I actually kind of dig it.  I’ll tell you more about bullet journaling in another post.

Now I think I’m all fancy.  I have all these cool apps to help me remember things, take notes, etc.  I can’t always jot things down in my journal, especially when I’m on the go. To stay on track with my to-do lists, I love love love Evernote.  In fact, I type up all of my notes and sometimes my blog post drafts in Evernote. (Psst! I’m doing it now!)  It’s great because I put notes into separate notebooks.  I can easily set reminders for notes too, so a little push notification will be sent to my phone at the specified time.

Another app I love is One Note.  This is more for my Mac. I use it for business, to keep track of people and conversations, etc.  But it’s slightly easier to use in that you can pretty much type/write in there without a strict format.  It’s just like pen and paper.  I think that’s the best way to describe it.

And recently, I got this app that allows me to find things.  Like actual items I misplace or forget.  Say WHAAAAT?!  Yes my friends.  I’ve attached it to my water bottle because my son is known for running off with it.  Then recently, I put it on my clutch, because that goes in and out of my back pack and I easily lose track.  I’ll be on my way out the door with my back pack and realize that I didn’t put it back.  “Where’s my wallet?!”  That goes over real well, when I’ve already left the house.  I haven’t had one person help answer that question.  Yet.

What you need is a “Pager Tag” to “tag” your item, which you can purchase on Amazon.  Super simple to use. It’s customizable on the app, like what you want to hear when you page it.  You can have it play your music when you page it, though I haven’t figured out how to turn it off.  The range is about 30 ft.  Basically, it’s perfect for when you’re hanging around your house, or when you’re getting ready to leave and want to just check to make sure THAT item made it into your bag.    I’m a homebody, and you’d think that I could keep better track of my things.  It’s nearly impossible with curious little ones behind me in my shadows, and when I move from fancy “I don’t have children” bag to a back pack filled with children stuff. 
This is what the app settings look like

This has proved to be worth it on several occasions.  Even just to check that my clutch is where it’s supposed to be.  My husband recently said “Oh we’re at this point in our lives?!”  Totally joking, but I thought about it.  Yeah, I think we are.  If anything, for this busy momma, this Pager tag is my sanity check.  Saves time, so I don’t have to go digging through bags, asking nobody in particular where my things are…you moms know the drill.  Peace of mind, granted.

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