Be good to yourself mind body and soul.  This doesn’t mean you need to completely change everything about yourself to be the best at whatever you’re trying to do.  It means that part of being good to yourself is ACCEPTANCE.  We aren’t all born with the abilities to excel at everything that we do.  Some work harder than others to achieve incredible feats; some lack the abilities, the smarts, the body build or whatever.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t be AMAZING in other areas!  

Renegade Rose @ Simply D Constructed Blog

Guess what!  NOT EVERYONE IS _____.  We are all different, from our physical build to our level of intelligence.  I am sensitive.  I can’t sing well.  I will never be curvy.  I am an introvert and will probably never become the life of the party.  This is NOT negativity, this is understanding myself and my limitations.  

I think there’s a problem with the saying “Whatever you put your mind to, you can do.”  Or I may have screwed that up, but you get what I am trying to say.  It’s just not 100% TRUE.  There needs to be a caveat in there, something like “…given you have the physical strength, aptitude, ability to study your ass off, ability to overcome those ingrained fears of social events…” Et cetera, et cetera.  All the external influences we can name (our parents, friends and family, work, society as a whole) – they all send us messages about what we need to or should become.  What if we aren’t molded for those specific things?  But we try anyway, because we are told so.  That’s like trying to teach a fish how to live on land.  No matter how many times it tries, it is not built for breathing in air, and will continue to feel stupid and like a failure all its life.  

Give it your best effort.  EVERY TIME.  Because we don’t learn without breaking out of our comfort zones.  But don’t beat yourself up if you keep hitting obstacle after obstacle with little progress forward, and you start feeling like a failure.  Some things weren’t meant to be.  It is OKAY, and no you’re NOT a failure.  Accept that you can’t sing, or you get so lost in Math class that you’ll never make it out of the 200 level.  Stop stressing about it!  Stop feeling bad!  Take the feeling out of it, and you’re more likely to be in a state of acceptance.  If you gave it your best effort, and with the help of tutors on Youtube (true story) then you did what you could.   

You know yourself better than anyone.  Forget all those external messages that you’re being flooded with daily.  Forget FEELING a certain way.  Feeling bad, guilty, like a failure….sad, yeah, you may feel some of that.  Be an advocate for YOURSELF and realize when the brick wall is not being knocked down – it’s time to move on. 

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