Nightlight Conundrums

*I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.  No additional compensation was received.  I choose to review products I think my readers might benefit from.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, based on my experience.

Our son, who is 3 years old, is absolutely in LOVE with his sisters’ “Frozen” nightlight plug-in.  He surprised me a few weeks ago with telling me that he needed Anna [for me to plug in the nightlight].  It was something I hadn’t heard him say before!  According to the doctor, he was behind on his speech so we really didn’t know when he would start talking and saying full sentences.  Granted, this isn’t his first sentence, it certainly was nice to hear him demand the “beautiful princess light” be plugged in before bedtime.

The girls wanted it back, naturally.  But it kept the peace at bedtime, so we allowed our son to keep it in his room.  And, they are much older and able to survive the night with a closet light left on for them.  

That problem is solved, but the bathroom is another issue.  They will both go in there in the complete dark and use the bathroom, but I feel like they should have some sort of guiding light in there.  We used to keep the light turned on but then the entire hallway was lit up.  All night.  I even had a neighbor mention it.  Thanks, we know.
When I saw this battery operated nightlight, I thought “This could work for them.”  It’s a motion sensor light, so it wouldn’t be on all night.  I went ahead and asked the girls how they’d feel about getting a new nightlight for the bathroom.  Of course they said yes, imagining it being a fancy Frozen nightlight.  Creative mom over here thought “It would just be a few Frozen stickers away from “pretty.”

It shipped from China.  I got an email saying it wouldn’t be delivered until a few weeks later, BUT it actually arrived a week earlier.  We have had it for a week now, and I kind of have mixed reviews on it.

Let’s start with the cons:
The directions…they were fairly easy to read, but it would have been extremely helpful to know more about sliding the back door off of the body casing.  I thought it would be an easy sliding action.  It wasn’t so I really tried to make it move.  Then, I went Strong Woman on it, trying to force it off by sliding then twisting and –crack!   (It reads “Delicate Life” and that’s probably what I should have been – delicate.) There are two little prongs or hooks on the underside of the door.  I snapped the bottom hook off in my attempt to open it.  It was more complicated than it needed to be.

Then, after I flipped it right side up, the little light cover on top fell into the casing. (You can see it inside, from the birds eye view above.  It’s just a thin piece of frosted plastic.) And, now I can’t get it out.  Well, maybe with a little “Operation” technique, but I’m really not even worried about it.  At first glance, it just looks broken, but it still works!

These are really my only cons for this product, though the instructions are a big one.

So let’s talk about what I liked.  The light was activated with a little motion, so that is always a good sign.   I needed to be sure they were comfortable with it.  Also, the 3M stickers that it came with it stick REALLY well.  I mistakenly stuck the light onto the tank lid, not the toilet lid, and then tried removing it and had an extremely hard time.  Removing it was pointless anyway, because after I stuck it to the lid like the instructions said, it fell from force, the door popped off and the batteries flew out.  Maybe if I hadn’t twisted and broken the back door hook, it would have stayed in tact.  Oh well!  My mistake!  At least now you know.

Overall, I think we will run with this nightlight for as long as we can.  I’m still frustrated with the instructions, because I now have a broken nightlight, but it still does it’s job illuminating the bathroom just enough to not be blinding or annoying.  I think that more specific instructions would have prevented my additional mishaps in using the product.  I’d probably buy it again, but at the discounted price.  

Maybe we should get those Frozen stickers out now.

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