List-It Friday: Why Selfies Are Important + Review

*This is a sponsored advertisement post.  I received a product discount in exchange for an honest review.  Additionally, I am not in any way affiliated with the product I am about to review.  All opinions are my own based on my personal experience.

If you have a smart phone, you probably have been in that awkward position of taking a selfie.

Don’t be ashamed to admit it.

I’ve even done this with a regular camera.

The point is  we have all been there at one point or another. Or we will get there eventually.  Some people rag on others about how silly it is to take selfies.  Why so many?  Oh why??!

I am going to give you 10 good reasons, so listen up.

Why Selfies Are Important
1.  Courage – Bloggers, you know this one all too well.  For those of us who are selfie-shy, we tend to get a little embarrassed when we try to take a selfie out in public.  Even if it’s for our blogs and social media.  I’m totally raising my hand here.  We have to get up the nerve to snap that selfie when the opportunity strikes!
2.  Practice – How do you know what your duck face looks like unless it’s captured on camera?  And what if you can’t get someone to take it for you?  Selfie!  You don’t know how well you can contort your face into those coveted facial expressions unless you snap and study.  And hopefully erase all but one or two.
3.  But First, Selfie!  This song would not have been inspired had it not been for selfies.  This girl totally has it all figured out.  SBAE:  Selfie Before Anything Else.
4.  Independence – You  don’t need a friend. You just need your phone, and a long arm, or an an awesome gadget like the one I have here.  It’s you against the world.
5.  Money-Saver – You can save so much money when you take your own photograph.  It’s quick, easy, and can be done in the comfort of your car or bathroom.  
6.  Picture Perfect – Only you have control over the quality of your picture (before it hits the internet).  Have a stray hair?  Retake.  Have a photo-bomber?  Retake.  You took too many steps to the left and fell into the water?  Retake, but dry it off first.  Winning!
7.  Using Your Phone To It’s Full Potential – Smart phones have self-timers and amazing resolution.  There are also different types of equipment that can be used, like the extender arm gadget, or the fish-eye attachment, if you want that effect on your selfie.  I recommend getting an attachment that allows you to have BOTH hands in the selfie.  If you’re the only one in it, is it still a selfie?  YES!  There are also a ton of apps for free or for purchase that help you get the best selfie.  You get your $500-worth out of your phone!  No professional equipment necessary.
8.  Anywhere, Any Time – You’re a lion in the prairie.  On the hunt for the perfect opportunity.  A photo op can occur at any moment, any time of day.  Unless you have the funds to hire a camera crew to follow you around all day, it’s just you.  Rely on numero uno and get that selfie at the beach or while you’re enjoying a triple burger for your cheat meal.  
9.  Boredom – This hasn’t been a problem for me, because at any given time I have 4 reasons to avoid it.  But if you are finding that you have way too much time on your hands, selfie!  
10.  Photo Challenges – It provides a challenge for those looking for adventure on the daily.  How many selfies at different locations can you take?  How many selfies can you take where you’re photobombed by animals?  Famous people?  Can you take a perfect selfie without your appendage showing?  (No not that one)

See it clipped to the mirror on the left?

Although this is a funny post about being brave with your selfies, there comes a point where you really need to have a quality shot + a good angle. (No up the nose shots!)  And if you’ve been one to use a butter dish or a dumbbell to get the shot, then you know the struggle is real.

As you all may know by now, I’m into fitness.  So I take a lot of selfies, make a lot of videos, and it’s part of being transparent to my followers.  I want them to follow along on my journey.  Even though it may seem redundant to take so many pictures of myself, I am documenting my journey this way.  I also make videos,  and I know some people are wondering how I do it.  You can obviously tell when I’m using a GoPro, because of the fisheye view.  But the rest of the time I take my phone and get creative.
Along with selfies, videos are a great way to communicate and document my journey through fitness, healthy eating, and life in general, so it’s important to get a good shot. 
When I saw a picture of this cell phone holder clipped to a desk, I had to have it.  
Clamps onto some thing up to 2 1/2″; this is the phone clamp here.
One day I might be able to afford a slick studio set-up, who knows. Ha-ha!  (big dreamer here)  But I’m okay with snagging a problem-solving product to add to my repertoire, in exchange for a serious discount and an honest review.  Hey hey!  I’m pretty happy to add it to my collection of gear that makes my life easy.  (You can snag one for yourself on Amazon, here)
Then, I saw that it came with a table stand.  It’s so cool!
It’s a sweet set-up for my phone when I’m looking desperately on Pinterest for our dinner reading a recipe off my meal plan

Both pieces were a great investment.   
I put my GoPro on it to show you the size.
And hello easy selfies!  I have yet to take this outside, but it works well for where I take selfies and videos inside, where most of the magic happens.
In short, the product did not disappoint.  I was happy to find that the actual cell phone holder was bigger in real life.  And the desktop/table stand is really cool!  I use it in my kitchen. It looks like a business card holder (It actually makes my Samsung Note 5 louder when I have it sitting up.)  This is great for sitting it on a table, or desk – maybe you just want to listen to music or read something on the internet.  The back is adjustable, and it’s a nice addition to the coiled clamp phone holder. (It’s described as a bracket, but I don’t see it.)
One thing this holder won’t be able to do is attach to any surface without an edge.  A countertop, desk top, edge of a mirror (I did that) will work.  It will attach to anything that is just shy of 2 1/2″ in width, which is really all that I need it to do.  There are limitations with this holder too, such as using it like a selfie stick.  Unless you’re goal is to make me motion-sick while I watch your videos, don’t do it!
Thank you all for tuning in to a long overdue List-It Friday series, and reading a review on this product!  Hope you were entertained, at the very least.

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


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