Meal-Prep Madness

Meal-planning, why you gotta be so hard?!  I know I’m not the only one riding shotgun on the struggle bus here.  Come on, be honest!

I don’t know why I make this so difficult.  It’s not hard to put pen to paper (or fancy Excel spread sheets, if you’re like me) but it is.  The only way I have been successful is when other people are counting on me.  And by other people, I don’t mean my family.  They could care less if I have 7 days worth of food prepped – they know they are going to eat regardless. Ha-ha!  

Meal planning is a great way to stay on track.  I got it.  BUT – I never said I liked it.  In fact, I get all huffy and puffy with the whole idea of doing it. I lack the motivation.  I’m a “fly by the seat of my pants” type.  By Wednesday of the week, I’m way off in left field chasing down new recipes on Pinterest.  

After doing a detox, I’m thinking to myself “I am GOING to eat better!”  And I want to be less likely to fail.  Right?  Okay.  So I got this wild hair up my gym shorts and I’m all motivated and gung-ho about getting good at this meal-planning chore.  I want it to be more than just a tedious task.  I am trying to shift my mindset and think about how I’ll feel during the week when I KNOW my shit is together.  Let’s face it – sometimes, it’s all over the place.

Screw that. After doing this detox, I realized that I appreciate clean-eating so much. I just survived 3 days on 900 calories for peanut butters sake! (Yes I  did eat.  Yes I did chew my food.  Yes I did get speanut butter.)

Now that my system is feeling good and cleaned out, (and the detox is o-v-e-r) I’m crazy motivated to flex my meal-prep muscles in the kitchen. I want to continue on this streak of eating healthy crunchy foods, minimizing my treats, and keeping it clean.
Here is the game plan:
*Collect recipes throughout the week (or reuse favorites)
*Shop on Friday or Saturday
*Meal-plan/prep on Sunday
*Get some rad friends to join me and hold me accountable (That would be you!)

I’m hoping to start a routine and keep it up.   And I’ve learned that it’s easiest when doing it with other people, no matter what it is.  So you’re  totally invited!   

We will communicate on Facebook (or instagram if you prefer), checking in daily.  I’ll have to think of some fun incentives, because I love prizes and getting things in the mail!  Our biggest communication days will most likely be Saturday or Sunday, since we will want to prep before each week begins.  And during the week, I imagine we would all do some collab work by sharing recipes, where the best places to shop are, etc.

There’s no catch – it’s totally free!  You just have to hear me talk and read my posts and interact with me to let me know you’re there.  Ha-ha! 
To sign up, click on the link! —–>

I think this is going to be so much fun!  Who’s in?!

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