Be A Little Selfish – Love Yourself Challenge

“Happiness means loving yourself and being less concerned with the approval of others.” ~Owen Campbell Jr.

Everyone could use a little more love in their lives. SELF-love, that is.  By that, I mean taking care of your star player, as Katt Williams would say. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life, with our families, with other people, that we forget about ourselves and what makes us feel good.   Then there are times where we want to make a change, but we want to do it a certain way.  To be perfect, flawless.

There’s this whole downward spiral that happens when we aren’t happy and loving ourselves from the inside.  Sometimes the company, we keep is not a positive group.  Maybe we developed a habit of talking negatively about ourselves.  Or there are other unhealthy habits that we can’t seem to break.   Being good to yourself is important, especially if you are always so giving with your time, effort, energy – you name it.  There has to be a balance.

You need to fill your cup so that you may continue to fill others.  Be a little selfish.  
Take a bubble bath.  
Snap a selfie because you nailed the winged eyeliner look (on both sides).  
Take the longer route so you can jam to a favorite guilty-pleasure song. (insert any of Justin Beiber’s newer songs here)  
Splurge on those super cute leggings.  
Shave your bikini line – even while it’s still winter.   (no she didn’t!)  Oh yes.  I did.
Get your hair done, not just a trim. 

You deserve to feel good about yourself, however you can make it happen.  You are worth the time and effort.  So STOP putting yourself on the back burner, and find a balance to avoid it.

I’m trying something new.  New is my jam lately.  “New” is like a mantra for me to keep things alive and fresh and exciting in my world.  I decided to host a themed group on loving yourself again.  After some thought, I realized that I could stand to love and appreciate myself a little more. If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know that I am a busy stay-at-home mom of 3 here.  They keep me so so busy.  I have a husband who keeps late hours at work and sometimes travels.  And I have my own business, and this blog.  “So when the hell do I find time to do me?”  

That’s a question I used to ask myself.  The answer today is that I schedule in my time.  It is non-negotiable. For instance, one thing I did the other day was put on a little make-up.  I spent 5 minutes, slapped some eyeliner on and my foundation.  You know, I wasn’t perfectly put together but I felt good about myself afterwards.  That one little thing that I did for myself was just enough.

(Nothing special here, just feeling myself at the moment)

Imagine if we put a little bit of effort in every day.  What would that be like?  Starting in February, I am hosting a “Love Yourself Challenge.”  (Don’t forget, it’s a leap year!)  Ladies, I’m looking for you!  Anyone willing to set aside time to work on loving themselves, inside and out should be in doing this with me.  A group of cool internet stranger friends all bonding over “self-love” quotes and daily photo challenges?  Sure, why not.?!

I will create a group on Facebook and we will share our entire month-long journey in there.  I have some fun little daily challenges too, as we follow along with a template.  It’s meant to be fun and a way to keep each other going strong in 2016.  Hopefully everyone forms some sweet new friendships for 2016 too!  Fill out the form below and we can get started!

Fall in love with yourself again!  If you said yes or were nodding your head to any or all of the things I mentioned, then you need to get a little selfish.  I am encouraging it!

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


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