In Winter, We Don’t Slow Down

It’s winter. Most of the day, I stay bundled up in layers. When I go work out, most of the time it’s in a cold ass garage every day.  I like to think I’m shivering my way to gains. All choices I made to reach my goals tomorrow.  Nobody said it would be a breeze to get to where I want to be.  Those who have come before me have all paved their own way, fought their own battles.  Currently, mine mostly involves the freezing cold garage.  Oh, and this disgusting cough.

Winter Fluff to Summer Buff - Facebook Group
Right now might seem like the time to chill out, take some time off, “bulk up” on those comfort foods…it all sounds good and like the right thing to do.  Wrong!  Get out of that mindset if you have fitness goals! What ends up happening is you get comfortable, you lose momentum, and your excuses become welcoming options. DO NOT quit a month, a week, a day too soon. It will be worth it, even if it completely sucks right now. 

Let me just say this – goals can be broken down!  It’s best to make smaller goals out of the bigger ones.  Instead of saying “I want to be fit by summertime” be more specific.  “I want to lose X pounds each month” is more realistic.  And that makes a goal for you, in 30 days rather than 6 months or so.  You can build a plan and focus on that for a month, to reach your goal of losing X pounds that month, and do it again the following month.  

Make your goals bite-size and they won’t seem like mountains you’ll never be able to climb.  Oh yeah, and have a positive attitude. 

I paired up with my partner in crime to help push each other and not let each other quit. She started a crazy total-body cardio program, and I’m over here with Hammer & Chisel. They are challenging us, both physically and mentally, and we really NEED the accountability to get us through. A few handfuls of ladies joined us in our Facebook group, because it’s 10x better with other people. There’s a spot for you, too! Let’s build up the momentum and get you through the rest of this winter.

Here’s how:  Send me a friend request on Facebook (danarae.williamson) and shoot me a message either in Facebook messenger or my email address ( stating you want to join.  Easy! 

*No quitting. No regrets.*
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