Santa’s Sack Gift Exchange

Fa-la-la-la-laaaa!!!  I have been patiently waiting to start up with all the holiday cheer.  I would have been put in time out if I jumped right into unpacking the Christmas decorations and playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving was over.  I’m going all out over here now though!

I decided to do something totally new.  Something I have never organized or hosted myself.  I love the concept of a gift exchange.  I remember doing one last year with my family.  We all live far away from each other so we opened our exchanged gifts while FaceTime-ing.  Technology…don’t you love it?  This time, I thought it might be fun to do another gift exchange.  You might already know how much I love to send snail mail (receiving is nice too).  I’ve seen other bloggers do it, but I’m usually late to the party.

After talking to my blogging friend/penpal, I decided “Yep!  It will be so much fun to do.” Let’s see if I can get this thing rolling, shall we????  The ones I’ve done with my family were SO much fun so I am so positive it would be awesome with friends.

I created a gift exchange using the site Elfster (first timer here!) which seems to make it super simple to pull off.  This is open to anyone!  If you would like to participate, maybe invite a friend, that’s totally cool!  The more the merrier!  (Only members can view the information)  Head on over to the link I shared below.

December 1st is the last day to join.  I will be “drawing names” from the list, that day.  Everyone should send out their gifts no later than the 20th.  And if you’re a blogger, it would be fun to post about what you were gifted!

Let’s spread some extra Holiday cheer this year!!!

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


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