90-Day Weight-Training Transformation

My dream came true when I ordered “Body Beast.”  Look how excited I was!  I had been wanting guidance on lifting weights.  Like someone to be there with me, teach me lifting techniques, movements, etc.  I could write down daily workout plans from Bodybuilding.com all day long.  Doesn’t mean I’ll do it correctly at the gym, or include every move for that specific day.  Have you ever had to pull up a how-to video at the gym in the middle of your workout?! Such a hassle.  Not to mention it’s slow.  And given that I was allotted 2 hours to work out, that’s not much time if you’re doing all of that and trying to actually put in the work.

Body Beast Transformation
Ever since I started lifting weights, I have had an affinity for them.  Yes, I do like other lines of fitness, and I will try new things.  But lifting is where my heart has always been.  I’m a weights kind of girl.  I enjoy the intensity, the sweat, the pain.  I dig it.
To backtrack a little, I did not want to become a Beachbody coach, because I honestly thought it was all about easy at-home workouts where you jump around and do sit-ups.  As in, not challenging enough for me.  I am really glad that I signed up though, because I was completely off track with that train of thought.  There is literally something for everyone; even I found something to suit my interests.
The program itself is 90 days.  That’s right, 90 days of hard work.  But, wouldn’t I have spent 90 days doing something anyway?  If you think about it, those 90 days are going to pass regardless of what you do.  And this was how I chose to spend 3 months of my life.  I was determined. 
Body Beast Transformation
There’s a lot of info in these challenge packs, so I won’t get into it all.  Of course you’ll take your measurements and write them down for later.  Then you’ll definitely want to go over the eating plan/guide to see what you should eat and how much.  If you buy supplements to go along with your shakes, then you should check out the info on those as well to ensure you’re taking them properly.  These will only benefit you and  help with your gains/progress.  And there’s an app for your phone if you want to take it to the gym.
There was so much I learned about lifting when I got started, and it was amazing.  I loved that I could get a killer workout at home.  Nothing or nobody to be intimidated by.  My personal trainer spoke to me through the TV.  (Haha kind of a weird concept but I love it)  I had my weights.  My preworkout.  My shakes afterwards.  And eating was simple.
Body Beast Transformation
Ninety whole days is a LONG time to commit to something.  I’ll admit that.  Before this program, I completed a 60-day and a 21-day so this was a new challenge for me.  It is hard to set aside 3 months and say that you aren’t doing a damn thing but stay home, meal prep, eat right, and work out.  That is exactly what did not happen for me. 
Plenty of obstacles got in my way, but I saw them as opportunities to see how badly I wanted to reach my goals.  If I quit, then I wasn’t that serious.  I don’t like to waste time thinking pessimistically.  I jump right to the “how do we navigate this?” mindset.  I’m simply someone whose mind wouldn’t be settled until I arrived at a solution for whatever keeps me up at night.  I over-analyze these things to death.
Let’s see, there were a few weekend trips out of town.  Those were a wash.  But then summer happened.  
Another fairly-sized obstacle was unavoidable: a visit to see my family in Ohio for over a month had already been set in stone by the time I began this program.  Once I realized that I couldn’t bring my weights with me, I resolved to find a decent gym. Mission accomplished.  I actually wished I could take the gym and its people with me.  There was also a big combination of parties, BBQs, and dining out that occurred during my time there.  I tried my best to choose wisely, while sticking to the 80/20 rule. 
And of course I had to work around my kids’ schedules as well as my family’s schedule.  I had an agreement where I’d leave before the kids woke up and nobody would be burdened. Five o’clock in the morning it was!  Adapt and overcome.  It was actually a pretty decent schedule.  I was up before anyone else, it was nice and quiet when I slipped out of the house, and the gym was a peaceful place to be.
Body Beast Transformation
Must work on Before & After photos
The point with mentioning all of my biggest obstacles is to show you that they will happen.  During any part of your fitness journey you should expect them.  Wrap your mind around this idea, so you aren’t surprised, and then find a way to get around, over, or through.  Never give up.
“Nothing worth having comes easy.”
My end results weren’t what I planned on, but I believe I still came out on top.  I feel great about my body, and it was amazing to be back with weights again.  I didn’t go into this program thinking I’d come out beastly and huge, nor did I imagine I’d be bikini competition-ready.  I wanted to test this program out, see what I could do with it, how far I could go.  There will most definitely be a second round of this in my future, with the entire stack of supplements from the performance line that Beachbody offers now.  Thank goodness there won’t be any guess work for me there!
Body Beast Transformation

Bottom line: It’s just me against me, trying to be better than I was the day before.  So long as I am showing up every day and putting in the work, I’m making progress.  And all is right in the world.

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