My Beastie Friend’s Transformation

What is Tuesday without a little transformation post? I just have to give a little shout out to my awesome friend, who wishes to be nameless. 😉  Because of this awesome community of people, I met her through Facebook and I’m so glad because she has inspired me.  She has worked so hard, kicking some major booty with this program and is down 33 pounds because of it.  

A little back story on my Beastie friend here – Her story is like so many other stories I hear – bad eating habits and NO exercise.  This year, she made the decision to make a change because she was tired of hating herself for the weight gain.  Once she turned those two things around, not only was she headed in the right direction, she was really into it.  She did Body Beast which is my current fitness program.  It’s primarily a weight-lifting program with an awesome trainer (whom I get to work out with next month – Eeeeeeek!!!) and you learn everything you need to know.  

Anyway, 90 days is a lot for anyone to dedicate to reaching a goal.  It’s hard when you don’t get that instant gratification.  But SO worth it.  When you want it BAD enough, you will keep pushing.  She told me that she feels so amazing, and even enjoys little things like taking selfies.  How freaking COOL is that?  She made this decision when she was at the lowest point of her journey, 202 pounds, not truly knowing how it was going to change her LIFE.  Habit formed a lifestyle, and she is changed forever. 

Now, she is on to round 2.  I will be joining her real soon here, as I make my way into Day 75.  Such an inspiration.  I just had to share her story, even if she doesn’t want the more public recognition. because I’m so damn proud of this woman right here.

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


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