Honest Feet

When my 6-year-old came up to me and said “My feet feel so honest, Mommy” all I could say was “What?”  My poetic child.  She had her shoes off and the grass in our yard (in most parts) feels like lush carpet.  I had never heard such a description of putting your bare feet in the grass.  I had to really think about what she was saying, after I laughed a little over that randomness.  Connected with nature and her surroundings, she was feeling it and had to give a little shout I suppose. Honest Feet 
So, I had to give it a try and imagine what she was feeling. 😀  And I have to admit, it felt nice to kick off the vessels that help shuffle me to and from my “adulting” responsibilities, and to places that require certain standards (ie no shoes no shirt no service).  This moment was freedom.  A chance to observe, relish the moment.  Take myself out of my shoes.  

Kids speak so freely, feel so freely, and are so alive and in the moment.  They can really teach me a thing or two.   

Happy “National Go Barefoot Day!”

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