Transformation Tuesday – July ’14 to May ’15

Hello Transformation Tuesday!!!
And a pretty important one for me… [I’m actually REALLY hesitant about posting the pic on the left. F it, who cares!? If it helps one of you find the courage to make YOU a priority, then my job is done here.] 
Last year, when I took this pic, I thought “Wow, I am so brave for doing this.” Never even got the balls to post it on Instagram, and just left it alone. Originally, I did it to start documenting my progress. In hindsight, I wish I had taken a better pic, but this portrays exactly how I really felt about myself: not confident enough to be in proper lighting, full on, or even smiling for real. 

I think I was about 125 in this pic? Not even concerned about my weight. I was lifting weights at the gym, light cardio, and really just eating without intention. Barely covering the right food groups. In fact, everything was the smell and taste and texture and color of chicken. 

I re-started my journey back in January. Have always been a gym kind of girl for many reasons: wanting to meet like-minded people, getting out of the house, having “me” time while the kids are in child care. Some of you probably understand the life of a stay-at-home mom! But this time when I started back up, I bought workout DVDs. I drank the shakes. I started truly eating better, whole foods. I shifted my priorities back to ME. Back to my health, not my social life. (Though I met some REALLY cool people along the way.) I’m making it work at home because it is a priority to feel good about myself. “Me time” now comes when I push play.

You may turn your nose up at working out at home. Hell, I did the same thing when this opportunity was presented to me. I thought “That’s a lot of $ for shakes and workouts!” and “I need to be around other people, not stuck at home!” But you know what? It is more than just those things. When I decided I was ALL in, I committed to investing in my HEALTH. What could possibly be a better investment? My eating and fitness habits morphed into this crazy-fun energetic lifestyle, I’m making awesome gains, and I can’t imagine NOT doing this for myself.

The best part is that today, I am the healthiest I have EVER been. I’ve never cared more about my body as much as I do now. Surprisingly, I am down 9 pounds since I began this year; totally unexpected, but my efforts are proving to be SO worth it! I’m seeing REAL results!

This transformation is my trophy. My competition was on the left, and I came out like a champ on the right today. I am DAMN proud of that. So I ask you — Would it be worth it to feel so amazing about yourself on the inside, that you can’t HELP but transform on the outside? Is there room for tweaking your eating habits? Would you be willing to show up every day, and put in the time for YOU? 30 minutes? 20? Even 10? 

Can I help you? YES! Just ask


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