I Asked For It, They Delivered – Mother’s Day Interview

It’s 4 days past Mother’s Day, though I’m just now getting my post out there into the blogosphere.  Normally I’d forget about it and move on, but this one is too cute not to share with all of my readers (and watchers, if you’ve subscribed to my channel on Youtube)

I sat down and asked my girls some questions and they had some of the funniest things (in my opinion) to say.  Thanks to my friend Vivian, for giving me this list of questions! 

What is the smartest thing your mom ever told you? 
What kind of stuff is your mom really good at? 
If you could change one thing about your mom what would it be? 
If you could give your mom anything in the world what would it be? 
What do you love to do most with your mom? 
What is one thing your mom should do less of?
What one thing your mom should do more of?
What does your mom do to relax? 
What is your mom favorite drink n favorite food? 
What do you think your mom was like before kids?
What’s the craziest thing your mom ever done?
I know my mom loves me because…


 I didn’t get all of the questions answered, but at least I know that I apparently I eat too much chocolate, need more socks, and I need to be blinged out.


What would your kids say about you?  What is so off in the video? 😉

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