Lifting IS for Women Too!

Picking up the pace a bit with my fitness.  It has been a while since I have been inside a gym, lifting weights.  It’s hard to make it anywhere with three kids, who may not always want to go when I want to go.  And then let’s not forget the part about the gym holding special hours for child care, which aren’t always conducive to my needs.  And if there is one tiny trickle of snot or bad diaper, my entire session is d-o-n-e.  (Yes, I understand they aren’t certified for that kind of childcare – not their fault.)

All these things make it apparent as to why I have to practically climb and scrape my way over obstacles to get my butt over there.  So, I cancelled my membership months ago, much to my dismay.  It wasn’t worth it to pay for something I hardly ever used.  Kind of like cable…

So, this was a nice way to ease back into lifting.  I’ve been doing my workouts at home and loving it.  I’ve completed 3 programs so far, and now – this.  

THIS is my new jam.  I have been doing it for 5 weeks now.  At the time of this video, it was 3 weeks, but things haven’t changed much since then, except maybe the size of my biceps, and I’m 4lbs lighter. (haha)

To give you a clear depiction of my thoughts, because I’m not a very good “public speaker” on the fly, I will say that this is a GREAT program for beginners, as well as those who are experienced with weight training.  I missed several talking points in the video so it’s important that I touch on them now.

1)  Lifting weights will not magically make you look muscular. (Ahem-ladies)
2)  It does require equipment, but not much.  Build your gym as you go, which is financially reasonable for me.
3) I mentioned “just lifting dumbbells” which is NOT all that this program is about.  There’s more than just dumbbells, but regardless, you won’t get that bulky look in 90 days.  

If you have ever wanted to give weight-lifting a try, but the gym and all its rats intimidated you, this is the program for you.  Do it privately, with guidance from Sagi (the professional trainer in the program), and get the support and motivation from me.  I’d be SO happy to help you reach your goals.

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