A Good Head Band Is Like a Sports Bra – Review: Bolder Bands

*This is not a sponsored.  No products or monetary compensation were received for reviewing this product.  Additionally, I am not in any way affiliated with the product and/or company.  All opinions are my own based on my personal experience.

Head bands are like sports bras.  When you pick one out, it has to fit.  It has to stay put.  It has to be cute. 
Hunting for the right kind of head band is the same headache as picking out a sports bra.  I’ve grown quite the collection too, though none of them really make me jump for joy over the amount of money I spent.

My head bands need to:
A) Stay put
B) Keep my glasses on my face
C) Survive an intense sweaty workout
D) Be cute

I was using a Target weave-design band but it was too thick and would not stay put. 

Then there’s the over-sized hair-tie ones that I bought.  Goody’s brand, I believe.  And those would just roll back, which was seriously annoying.  I had to use hair clips to make them stay put.

I have another head band that has been working well enough.  It’s the weave-design but not as wide as the Target one.  I have to use clips to keep those in place, and even THEN those needed to be adjusted.

What is a girl who often wears glasses to do?

I started thinking “What if my head is just funny-shaped?  It’s possible, right?  I might need a CUSTOM band…”

That was until someone told me about Bolder Bands. 

I looked them up and bought a band immediately.  TOTALLY different concept, with the bandanna width, but it’s thin and just stretchy enough.  You need to get the proper size (small, regular, large) so that it fits correctly.  Kind of like a sports bra!

The day after I got it, that bad boy went right on my head.  I did an intense workout and it held!  I even got a little sweat relief – no sweat rolled down into my eyes.  Ouch!

I’d recommend Bolder bands for more than just the fitness type.  These would be great for moms.  Anyone who wants to leave the house and look a little put together.  They have all kinds of fashionable designs. I chose the arrows and they are so much more cuter in real life!

If you want to get your OWN Bolder Band, use the code below!

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


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