Energy Boosting Food Ideas

Get some energy in you!  And I don’t mean coffee, or Red Bull, or any of that. 

No, no, no!!!

What I am talking about is getting energy from eating foods that help boost your levels and keep you going from morning to afternoon.  Eating what you should, when you should, to avoid the slump!  

I created a simple list of examples for energy boosting foods for you to try.

Eat breakfast 

-half of a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter
-eggs with whole wheat toast and honey
-cereal with low-fat milk
-rolled oats
-oat bran muffin
-whole wheat pancakes topped with fruit 

-Greek yogurt with granola
-peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat
-Half an apple with low-fat cottage cheese
-banana with peanut butter 
-hummus and red bell peppers

Avoid a big lunch
-brown rice with salmon
-tuna salad
-turkey sandwich on wheat bread with veggies
-cottage cheese
-sweet potatoes
-build a high-energy salad with dark leafy greens (spinach), colorful array of veggies, and a small amount of protein like chickpeas or grilled chicken

Mid-afternoon snack
-protein and fat as well as carbs
-half a turkey sandwich
-peanut butter crackers
-green tea with a teaspoon of honey
-fruit and cheese


Keep your fats low, but don’t omit
Don’t skip meals  
Eat smaller amounts
Plan ahead
Get vitamin B 12 and iron
Try eating 2 snacks, 1 mid-morning and 1 mid-afternoon.

Most important of all, drink plenty of water.

I hope you find this list useful!  These should keep you feeling energized throughout your day.  

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4 thoughts on “Energy Boosting Food Ideas

  1. Thanks girl!!! My downfall is getting in enough water. I try to flavor it with fruit and make it taste better. And that is totally true! I feel SO much better when I hydrate. Thanks for stopping by! I've been a little slow around here…


  2. These are great, I am trying to drop some weight and also eat more energy fueled foods, I like this list, I'm going to try some of these out 🙂 I never tried the whole wheat pancakes are they any good can you taste a huge difference?


  3. I think wheat pancakes do take some getting used to, just like whole wheat pasta. I find that if you also add additional flavors to your pancakes, like fresh fruits, peanut butter, it helps. Try a little at a time and see what that does for you. Find me on Facebook too! I always run clean-eating groups on there for free, for one week. People see a difference after one week, you'd be amazed!


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