Tutorial: How to Compartmentalize Your Facebook

I don’t always add friends on Facebook, but when I do, I need:
…a background check
…psychological examination
…a deposit, and have them answer a questionnaire that ultimately relies on how I feel about their answers.

Only kidding, save for the background check but wouldn’t those options really put some fears to rest?  I am extremely hesitant on who I add on Facebook, especially since I just started opening up to friend requests having only 1 mutual friend.  You never know what might show up on your door step!

There are different kinds of people you add on Facebook.  Close family and friends, people you may know from high school or previous jobs, etc.  And those who you don’t know at all, but are willing to take a chance and budge a little.

To ease some of your minds, there IS a way to organize your Facebook so certain “friends” have limited access to your life (depending on how much personal info you post)  They will only see what you want them to see.  So you can be safe if you are unsure about who you are adding.  I am going to show you how!

How To Compartmentalize Your Facebook

Let’s begin!

On the left side of your Facebook you’ll see your Tool bar.  Scroll down to Friends, and while hovering you should see More show up.  Click on it. 

As you can see, I have quite a few lists going on.  I like to be organized!  Anyway, click on +Create List.

The box below will pop up.  Name your list, then add your friends.

*Another easy way to do this is straight from each Friend’s page.  I know that I can’t remember everyone who needs to be added to say, a Local list.
 Your Restricted list is at the bottom.

If you click on Restricted, it will pull up your feed from the restricted friends.  Click on Learn more and the following will pop up:

Keep hitting Next to learn about your options.

Now you see that it is possible to compartmentalize everything.  For anyone who uses their personal page for their business side as well, I think it’s a wise choice to do this.  I don’t just add anybody as a friend.  I have to scan and go through their info.  And even then, these new friends don’t get a full pass to go through my entire Facebook. 

It is better to be safe than sorry.

So now you have your lists set up.  How do you move forward with classifying?  Click on Friends.

A general list of friends will pop up with everyone thrown in there.

Click on a friend’s page.  Hover over the Friends drop-down bar.

Click on Add to another list

Your created lists will show up.  All you have to do is click on which one you want, and it’ll put a check-mark next to it. 

Also, you can go one step further and customize who can see your friends list on your profile.  
*In this same drop-down, you can click on New List

Another thing you can do is edit who can see your Friends List.

Just remember that your friends also control this privacy setting on their end too.  You might customize your friends list to be viewed only by friends and someone else might have their lists open to the public.  Then, the non-friend viewing your friend’s profile (which is open to the public) can easily see from your friend’s profile which of your mutual friends are friends with you as well.  It also means they can see it in the News Feed and in searches and other places on Facebook.

Phew that sounded like a handful to type and I hope that makes sense like it did in my head. 

So when you post something that can be views publicly, your friends in all arenas can see.  If you customize the viewing for the post so that only your Close Friends can see, then those people in that group will be the only ones to see it.  Same goes with photos.

Do you open up your personal Facebook for blogging and business?  Was this tutorial helpful? 

Please pass it on, because sharing is caring!

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6 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Compartmentalize Your Facebook

  1. I love these lists.
    Not only do they make it easy to just share with certain people, but I have it off to the side so I can read their posts and not miss them like facebook likes to do to me.


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