List It Friday: Winter Can Be Harsh On Your Skin

Winter can be unkind to your skin.  My hands are pretty beat up from the cold, and from being sick.  I am constantly washing my hands, then putting lotion on, or using hand sanitizer.  That stuff can really dry out your hands!

As part of my Friday List It series, I have a guest on the blog today.  Chelsea offered to share a post about how to maintain your skin during the winter months.  

This happens to be the perfect time too, because I am suffering from dry skin and I didn’t even know half of these tips that she shared. 
My hands have tiny little cuts on them too, which are just bothersome.  A minor irritation when I have to get them wet.  I hate the tiny stinging sensation from hell every time I wash my hands.  Let’s see what she has to say about it.

Give Dry Skin the Slip with 10 Easy Tips

As if grey skies, plunging temperatures and boring produce aren’t enough, now winter gives us dry skin too? Unfortunately, yes. Even those of us with normal or oily skin aren’t immune, and for people who suffer dryness year round, good night. Cold weather outdoors and high heat inside make it hard to keep that smooth, perfect complexion most of us prize.
So is it hopeless? Of course not. In fact, offers 10 great tips to beat dry skin symptoms such as peeling, cracking, soreness, redness, chapping, itching and flaking. You can head on over and check out the nifty infographic’s tips, but I’ll summarize them here too.
For starters, turn down the heat already! High thermostats and sizzling showers might feel good, but they suck humidity right out of the air and out of your skin. Keep showers to a cooler minimum, and opt for sweaters and socks rather than indoor temperatures of 70 or more.
Moreover, stick to your sun block routine. Just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean its UVs aren’t finding their way to your skin. You can also use gloves to protect your hands’ delicate skin, which has the added benefit of protecting them from drying wind chill.
Switch up your skincare routine to include oil-based moisturizers, hydrating “milk-like” cleansers and weekly exfoliation, and avoid harsh soaps. If these tricks don’t work, you may have a skin condition and should see a dermatologist.


Sunscreen year-round huh?  You learn something new every day!  Fortunately, it is built into my face lotion – the only part of my body that sees daylight right now.
For more tips on how to maintain your skin in the winter, visit Chelsea over at 

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