Capitalize On Those Fleeting Moments

I couldn’t wait for the dealership, so I called a local auto shop for an oil change today.  There was some confusion because the owner’s voice was not what I heard over the phone; instead, it was a stranger’s.  When I arrived, I did not see the owner, my friend, waiting to greet us.  I asked if my friend still worked there; he did not.  The person behind the desk then proceeded to tell me that my friend died almost a year ago.  He committed suicide.

My heart sank.  I was in disbelief, and just stood there.

Save for the dealership taking care of the new truck, we have been patrons of this auto shop since we moved to North Carolina, years ago.   I have known him since S was a brand new walker and I was pregnant with A.  

It was heartbreaking to find out today, nearly a year later.
I had not been in to see him for that long?

What saddens me is the thought of him being such a benevolent and affable person on the surface, unaware that he was harboring something dark and painful within.  

The news made me feel sort of guilty. 
Capitalize On Those Fleeting Moments
I feel like if I had done some small act of kindness…  

There were times when an idea struck me.  I’d say “Oh I’m going to make him and his employees a whole batch of cake pops in the shape and color of tires.  That would be fun!”  

I never did.

“I’ll send him a Thank You card for being so nice and helpful.”

I never did.

The fact that those ideas never came to fruition is really bothersome.  I’m learning all too well that one should just say it.  Just act.  Just do.  Because you never know if it will be there for you tomorrow. 

Thoughts for myself:  Make more of an effort to let others know that they are appreciated.  Loved beyond measure.  Bring happiness and joy to my life.  All of the above and/or then some.  

Moments are fleeting; why not allow others to profit from a few kind, meaningful words?  They might really need to hear it.  And you may not get that chance again.

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8 thoughts on “Capitalize On Those Fleeting Moments

  1. This really speaks to me. One of my monthly goals is always to express my appreciation for those around me more. I always fail. Thanks for the reminder to keep at it. So sorry about your friend.


  2. hi from the blog hop! so sorry to hear about your friend. it just goes to show that we should never take any moment for granted, to appreciate those that we have the times that we have them, and to remember those that we no longer have. xo


  3. Yes, I cannot believe it. He was such a good man, to his family and the community. Sheesh, I feel like a turd for just finding out. Yeah, I'm going to really act on things too and not leave something unsaid or undone.


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