New Year, Newfound Inspiration

Happy Sunday!  A few days of reflection for me, and I have a fresh new outlook on life as a blogger.  Countless hours were spent thinking about what I will make of this year.  I’m making goals that are attainable, with hard work and elbow-grease effort, and I am so ready for change.

There are some new things happening around here, for this blog, and beyond.  

  • Sadly, after my attempts to stay in school (graphic design) I’m putting it on the back burner.  To counter this, I signed up for what I like to call “a la carte” classes.  I won’t get nearly as much credit or schooling this way, and it is out-of-pocket, but I refuse to quit learning.  And these classes will be good for the 4th bullet below.
  •  I will be blogging full-time.  And by that, I mean at least 3 posts a week!  No need to add a counter; this is a great thing!
  • Photography – Did I mention that I started a photog business? I’ll be pushing for photography more now that I will have this “free” time.  And I’m going to be going through old posts and completing some much needed “remodeling” with pictures.  So don’t go flipping back into time to look just yet. (Joking…or am I?  Muuhahaha!) 
  • As if I didn’t put enough on my plate, I started up a virtual assistance business.  I can’t really call it a business yet, since I have not had one client nor exchanged goods and/or services for payment.  (Ha ha see, I’m learning!)  BUT this will be happening soon.  I’ll be focusing on content writing, social media marketing, possibly accounting/bookkeeping, and photography.  (I run another blog for this business.)
  • I think I’m going to start incorporating link-ups on my blog, for themed days.  I’m hoping to gain enough interest from my fellow bloggers/readers.  I think it will be fun and easier to see what everyone is posting about, with a themed link-up.  Don’t you?
  • Oh, I also want to start up a “store front” on eBay.  I put one item up, as a tester, and the process was fairly easy to do.  I’m not completely ready to commit to the fees yet, but that is where I will be selling my crafts and neat finds.
New Year, Newfound Inspiration

Seeing some of these posts on the New Year has me inspired.  There are some GREAT posts out there to read.  This one here is about blog maintenance for the new year. I found lots of great ideas for blog posts here. Sarah Titus has some awesome pointers on how to succeed in business, here.  Inspiration is everywhere!

I don’t make resolutions, but I do enjoy setting goals.  With the help of posts like those above, I will be completing the following:

  • Get ORGANIZED!  This is a big one.  Since I will be blogging full-time, I really need to start using my calendars to organize my posts and projects.  
  • Create a space  Since I don’t really have an office, most of my work is done at the dining room table.  And when I can’t sit here, I sit on the couch.  I’m not sure how I will carve out my own space for sitting and writing, but I can at least have all of my things for blogging, photography, and the VA business all in one place.  (already began working on this too!  Ahead of the game.)
  • Schedule time  In order to make this all work in everyone’s favor, I really need to map out ME time.  This is when I will write posts, edit pictures, check social media/emails, comment/share other blogs, etc.  
  • Connect!  I love to connect with other bloggers and see/read up on what amazing things they are up to.  I draw inspiration from these wonderful people.  Networking with my fellow bloggers will be something that will always be on my list of things to keep on keeping on.

How will you make your year a great one?  What are your blogging goals?

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4 thoughts on “New Year, Newfound Inspiration

  1. Thanks for stopping by Thrift for Today! These are all great goals! I hope you'll share the new space you create to get your work done! I love to see the spaces that inspire people!


  2. Thanks for the follow on Instagram!! I followed you back! 🙂 Your site looks cute & cool. I like your plans & goals. Did you make that read & white coffee cup holder? Sooo cute!! I love it! Also, let me know if you do blog parties ~ link-up's, I love those! I hope to stay in touch 😉 Happy New Year!! xo love, Cindy from


  3. Hi Cindy! I saw you on Instagram. I am pretty sure I followed you, but I will double check in a bit. Thank you! I am actually looking for a new design, or something. I want to add a couple more tabs to my header. Honestly I have never hosted a blog party! I don't know how yet, but it's something I should do eventually. Do you host any?

    Thanks for stopping by!


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