25 Amazingly Upcycled Picture Frames

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  If you’re thinking “the holidays” and nodding your head in exhaustion, you’re off, but just slightly.
Sadly, we are in the midst of that time of year where most DIY projects get put on the back burner.  I can at least speak for myself when I admit that unless it has anything to do with the holidays or gifts, I don’t bother. 
Feeling guilty?  I do.  My inner creative diva is screaming to get her hands on some Mod Podge.  Maybe I want another color of glitter besides red, white, or green.  Oh, I could really spray paint something!
Speaking of spray paint, I have a project coming up that I am really excited for.  It involves a frame that I found during our “treasure-hunting” trip a while ago.  I used it in a photo shoot a few months back and I thought to myself “This would look great if I painted it white.” That is about as far as I got with that idea until I started browsing around on Hometalk.

25 Upcycled Picture Frames
I created a board on Hometalk just for upcycled frame projects.  There is so much you can do with a frame!  I make sure to keep a few thrifted frames on hand for last-minute bursts of inspiration.  You should check it out.  Some of these would make great gifts. Two birds, one stone perhaps?
Remember my frame that I saved from heading to the trash can?  Believe me, it was close.  Big D was eye-balling it and I knew exactly how he was going to break a little piece of my heart.
You frugal DIY-ers understand.

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


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