Jingle Bell Rock-a-Bye Baby

Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree….

Who doesn’t love Christmas music?  I enjoy a few tunes when I’m driving around town.  It always uplifts my spirits.  Makes me happy.  I enjoy that feeling before the anxiety of Christmas shopping kicks in.  At that point, the proverbial ticking clock drowns out the noise of all angels singing on high, and interrupts any silent night.

Can we say someone has been procrastinating this year?

Anyway, I love that I can listen to Christmas music every morning, as we take S to school.  The Christmas music station via Sirius XM radio is pretty sweet.  (Along with the plethora of other music station options, especially in this rural area.)

(Taken last night at the Elf Shop at our Community Center)
I can listen to all the holiday music to my heart’s content, and as long as the kids allow.   
Want to hear a sad confession?  
Whenever I decided to sing or hum a tune for my babies as I rocked them back to sleep, all I could come up with were Christmas songs.  Didn’t matter if it was February or September.  
Can you imagine?  Not one lullaby came to me as easily as Jingle Bells in my desperate hours with a crying baby.  

When I was younger, we had a piano.  I would play all of the Christmas songs in the book.  It was a beginner’s book but that’s besides the point.  If I had a piano right now, I would be learning a couple of Christmas songs so that I could play them on Christmas.  Kind of a nerd here.

A few of my favorites:
Where Are You Christmas (From the Grinch!)
Santa Baby (All-time fave)
Baby It’s Cold Outside (Second all-time fave)

I have yet to hear “Baby It’s Cold Outside” yet.  I should see about calling in a request…

What are your favorite songs? 

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2 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Rock-a-Bye Baby

  1. Oh my gosh, you must be my soulmate or something!! …(best friend perhaps?!?!) Your 2nd and 3rd fave are my fave toooooo!!! Funny you mention this Grinch …because I have yet to watch that or even hear of this song you blog of. Maybe I've gotten away with not watching it because I don't like that of all things he can steal, he steals Christmas. Hahaha! I am with you on the procrastination this year…but when am I not?


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