On A Sewing Kick

Wow, I feel like I’m still coming out of my turkey coma.  This time of year gets me every time.  And it’s not always in a good way.  I get lazy in most areas.  

It’s kind of like when you get done eating your Thanksgiving dinner, and it takes all of your strength to keep from falling sideways on the couch.  [Caused by all the blood in your body rushing to your stomach to aid in digestion.]

Sorry, I’m getting all scientific here, as Big D would say.

Do you know why I love this time of year?  Because it’s the craftiest I have been all year long.  Mostly because I work well under pressure, and there’s no bigger pressure than getting gifts mailed on time!

I busted out my sewing machine this past weekend, and I have been going crazy over these little sewing projects.  I love to sew and learning new things is a breeze with Youtube and awesome tutorials on Pinterest.  

Thank goodness for technology, right?!

It’s still nap time and I’m itching to sew something right now, so I’ll leave you with my Pinterest board of sewing inspiration.

Follow Dee Williamson’s board Sewing on Pinterest.//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js  
 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


5 thoughts on “On A Sewing Kick

  1. Awe, thank you! I think it is a hibernation thing too. I am typically a homebody, and even more so in the winter so it's perfect for me. I will have to show you what I made! They are Christmas gifts so I can't spoil the surprise.


  2. I'm self-taught! Lots of error with my trials. Haha! My mom taught me the basics when I first got my machine and each year I feel like I take on bigger projects! I enjoy it though. It's my “when the kids go to sleep” activity some nights.


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