Tomato Soup for the Soul

Who doesn’t love tomato soup?  Cold weather = comfort foods, and tomato soup is pretty comforting to me.   I decided to try and make one (somewhat) from scratch.  Naturally, Pinterest came through for me in my time of need.  The Pinning Mama has an excellent copycat version of Panera’s creamy tomato basil soup.

She had me at “basil.”

I find that whenever I want to make something from scratch, it tends to be after I get back from the gym, and we are all starving and ready for lunch.  Me – I’m near hangry status at this point.  I like planning things out but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

What’s that saying?  “Fail to plan = plan to fail.”

Well, my friends, this was not a failed attempt.

Her version is so easy IF you aren’t trying to be a guerilla chef in the kitchen.  (I wonder if I should coin that…)  I did tweak her version a tad.  I was halfway through sauteing some veggies when I made this decision, and didn’t want to waste them.  The celery/onion/sweet bell pepper mix was smelling amazing, so I dumped the garlic into that and carried on.

Other variations:  And I didn’t have any broth – I replaced broth for water, and added 4 chicken bouillons (I never know when to use these).  I used 1 14.5oz can of tomato sauce instead of the 28oz can of diced tomatoes. And I did a rough chop of basil.  I LOVE basil.  It didn’t matter that they stuck to my lips as I unsuccessfully tried to slurp my soup. (Bad manners kids, don’t follow my ways!)  I also did not use as much heavy creamer.  I literally did a slow pour until the color looked pretty.

Check my Instagram to the right for a pic!  I inhaled it too quickly to get a good shot.

The soup was phenomenal.  I paired it with a tuna sandwich (kinda boring) and it hit the spot.  My preference for adding the veggies made it chunky, but I did not mind one bit.  You could always use an immersion blender (adding that to my Christmas wish list) or a food processor (my way for now).

Be sure to visit her blog for the full recipe breakdown!

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