Photography Newb

Among all of the other things I’m trying to accomplish in my life (school, my fitness journey, salvaging my sanity) I am also diving into photography.  Right now, I’m just doing it to gain experience, and it’s very exciting.  My dear friend Maddy drove all the way up from Florida to photograph a wedding, and she did me a huge favor by allowing me to shadow her!
It all went down last Saturday.  (I’m a little slow in getting this post out.)  My friend came in from out of town and we spent some time together.  Actually, a LOT of time together.  Maddy is an awesome chick all around, but she was sharing her awesome photography skills with me.  It was nothing short of an amazing experience to watch her work and to work beside her. 

We were there for roughly 9 hours, on our feet, standing on benches and chairs, on our knees, just shy of laying down on the ground… All for the chance to get those perfect shots.  I can’t wait to see how these pictures turned out!

So much was to be learned from her.  She taught me some tricks about my own equipment that I didn’t know.  And she also taught me how to compose a scene for great shots.

Some things I learned aside from what she had told me:
1: Pack more food!  You may not get a chance to sit and eat a meal, so it’s important to pack nutritious snacks to quickly devour.
2.  Buy additional batteries and a couple of memory cards bigger than 2G.
3.  Invest in a soft light flash!  Borrowing hers made such a difference in my photos.
4.  Prepare for the weather. We shot near the ocean, and it got cold that night.  Brrr!
5.  Improvise when all else fails!

I am excited to gain more experience shooting photos.  I think the biggest thing I need to have is confidence.  On Saturday, I became more comfortable, and had more fun with shooting.  Confidence came with it.  Baby steps!

Speaking of fear, there was a snake on the pier where I stood to take photos of the party!!!  Scary right?  It was a water moccasin; I’m sure of it!  Eeeek!!!
I’ll be flooding this blog with some cool pics (other than ones of snakes) over the next few weeks or even months.  You have been warned! 
 Hope you all have a great weekend!! 

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