Why I Do It

Eat Sleep Lift Repeat

Morning starts off at about 5:00.  I wake up ready to get the day started (most mornings).  I round the kids up and drive S to her elementary school around 7:00. We come home and I have a pre-workout meal. Then I pack the rest of A’s and L’s things and off to the babysitter we go. I make it to the gym at about 11:30, where I stay for roughly an hour before hitting the showers. During my walk to the truck, as I feverishly gulp down my protein shake, I wonder if I worked hard enough.  Can I wholly admit that I left it all at the gym?  Or did I walk out of there with a little bit of umph left in me?

On the way home with A and L, I’m hoping against hope that they will get in some sort of nap before we pick S up from school. It would be nice to have a little bit of me time.

It’s lunch time for me at home. More like my second lunch. I break out my tupperware with my meal already prepped. I wolf that down, barely tasting or enjoying it. And then it’s time to take care of business, whether it’s some homework or cleaning up the house a bit.

Evening has arrived and I know that the day is nearly over.  Dinner is on the table, and everyone is happily eating. I try my best to make myself a well-rounded meal with chicken and veggies. I’m most likely the last person to put fork in mouth. Oh the life of Mom.

Bath time! It’s probably around 7:00 at night and everyone is getting bathed and pajama’d up. L has his milk and his beloved Kipper. The girls get about half an hour or so to do something like color or watch one show on Netflix. I make sure S is ready for school the next day.

8:00 rolls around, and the kids are all put in bed. I start packing my gym bag, which is a process.   Can’t forget toiletries, hair band with clips, socks… All things I have forgotten in the past. Protein powder is divided and shaker bottle is clean and assembled. Workout gear is set aside. I’m ready!

I want to watch some TV or write a quick blog post, but time does not allow for these luxuries. A little bit of homework will suffice. Once I’ve met my daily goal for school work, I allow myself some planning time for tomorrow’s workout (if I haven’t already done so). This prepares me mentally for what is to come. Then it’s time for me to catch some Z’s as well.

My nightstand is littered with random things to include a shaker bottle and a cup of water that were forgotten in my haste.  My laundry consists of gym clothes.  The only thoughts that comfort me before bed are about what muscle group I am going to tackle tomorrow.  And I’m ready to stretch from one side of the bed to the other, until I succumb to a deep slumber.

This pretty much sums up my week this week. There’s a little shifting here and there with classes in between, but this is how it all unfolds.  It sounds busy, doesn’t it? It sounds like too much work. Are you tired yet?

So why do I do it?

Tweet: The path is rugged. It's hard. It's exhausting. But I don't want to give up the drive. The path is rugged. It’s hard.  It’s exhausting.  But I don’t want to give up the drive.
I do it because I am reaching towards a goal. Every day I am a little bit closer. I set my mind on something and this is the path I have carved out for myself. There are no short cuts.  I am walking to the beat of my own drum.  I am driven.

This mentality goes for any goal you might have. If you really want something, you will find a way. You will carve your own path. You will walk to your own beat. It may not be pretty and fun and easily traversed, but it’s your journey.  Accept the challenge and reach for your goals.

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6 thoughts on “Why I Do It

  1. Thanks my dear friend! I think I've found my groove, sort of. I can easily implement when things go awry, which is more often than I'd wish. It really helps to have a person I can truly depend on, like my babysitter. If it weren't for her and the encouragement of my husband, Big D, I would not be as dedicated. I'd probably have given up the intense gym routine.


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