Please Don’t Judge Me By The Contents Of This Blog!

So long sweet summer.  I must bid you adieu.

My Fall semester has officially begun, and let me just say that my head is already spinning.  I got a little confused with the start date on classes, and forgot to check my intranet account.   

At least nothing is overdue and I will get my books in enough time.  (Praise the almighty Prime Membership and expedited shipping for inexpensive overnight shipping.)

I went in there, and checked out the assignments.  One of them happens to be to update my profile.  Okay, that one is fairly easy.  I went in and completed my bio part, and I was a little hesitant to write down my blog URL under “Website” but I did it!  Why the hesitation?  Well, I don’t openly share my blog to family and friends.  I like to casually let my posts slide underneath all of the other hoopla on social media, like the hotel bill underneath the door the next morning.  You never hear or see it coming.

That, and I decided to major in English Education.  What’s that one thing you do the most when you blog?  Oh yeah, you write!  The way I write to all of you is different than how I would write a research paper.  This is done with ease, with every intention of being fun.  I don’t follow the same format.  Should I?  I feel like this is my creative outlet where my thoughts can run wildly onto the page through my fingers.  Of course I care about grammar and punctuation, and that my sentences don’t run on and on and on.

Maybe I’m thinking too much into it.  I just wouldn’t want any of my future classmates to visit me here and think “Wow there is no rhyme or reason to what she is saying.”

I can flow, I promise!  I have the ability to construct a decent paragraph, a meaningful thesis, an argumentative essay in MLA format.  Please don’t judge me by the contents of this blog!

Ha-ha, it was worth a shot.

Happy English Major-ing to me!
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9 thoughts on “Please Don’t Judge Me By The Contents Of This Blog!

  1. Don't be silly, silly!! That's what a blog IS! It's not a formal presentation or final paper…it's a creative outlet to just be! You're SUPPOSED to be all over the place….at least that's what I thought! 😉
    Good luck this semester! 🙂


  2. Best wishes to you in your fall semester Dee!

    I get nervous about sharing my blog too. I have an automated signature on my email (with links to my web address) and a couple times my URL went to people who I kind of didn't want to know I had a blog. Eeek.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I guess it's all about perspective. Seeing from the outside, if I were you, I'd happily share my blog. I think your blog is so well put together, and that it's a reflection of you in your every day life. I find lots of great information on your blog, and your posts are so well-written.

    I, on the other hand, feel like I am all over the place. I don't really let a whole lot of people see the real ME in the real world (I'm shy), so this blog has a lot of contents from my head down on “paper” for all to see. So when I find that someone I know and see often has visited my blog, I think “Oh my, what does he/she think?” Sometimes desperately wanting to know, other times I don't. Haha!


  4. I was an English major for my BA (my master's degree is in Geography). I am horrible about proof reading my posts so I always worry that people think I was the worst English major ever 🙂 I think your blog is great, you should be proud of what you've done with it. So many people would have no idea where to begin, much less be able to write well put together posts. As women we are always harder on ourselves than the rest of the world is. I think your doing a great job with your blog, good luck with the new school year 🙂


  5. Thank you Ann! I think you are absolutely right. We are a lot harder on ourselves, probably more than we should be. I'm pretty proud of my little corner of the internet. This blog is still exactly what it was meant to be when I started it back in January 2011: my creative outlet for all sorts of topics. 🙂

    I have since switched my major to Graphic Design, which I am super excited about. I can't wait to dive in!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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