I’m Gym-less

There is no questioning or deep thought needed here.  I have accepted a fit lifestyle.  Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m in a rut though.  For several reasons.


For starters, I am still not in a gym routinely.  I know, I know.  How so-not-like-me.  I belong in a gym.  If you need to catch up, here is the reason I stopped going

In the past, I tried several of these at-home workout DVDs.  Envy Girls was honestly a pretty good one, which came with 5 discs, each targeting a different group of muscles.  I borrowed Carmen Electra’s strip tease from my cousin.  All I learned how to do toss a fedora and look sexy while doing it. (At least I thought so.)  Denise Austen made it into my collection as well, but I cursed every minute I spent with her.  P90X as well. 

These gym-less solutions are alright if I were not easily distracted.  My house life is a distraction.
While I’m waiting in limbo, I found that making up my own workouts in the garage is actually working.  This provides some separation, relieving me of duties for a bit.  (Not gonna lie, it’s really hard to ignore the washing machine when it’s right there.)  

Tabata works great when I don’t have a lot of time, which happens to be my situation on most days.  I also do other high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.  Some of them I have found on the Internet.  Others have the privilege of being made up at random.  A mash-up of sorts.  This may sound odd, but Instagram is the best for researching and learning for me, lately.   
I know this all happens in due time and with hard continuous work being put into it.  With that said, the comparison monster is still known to rear it’s ugly head every once in a while.  It gets me down when I start looking at other people around me, reading about their gains and personal records.  I see people on Instagram posting about epic workouts in the gym and I sigh.  I’m here like “I can dead lift a 20lb kettlebell.”  Womp-womp….Impatience won’t get me anywhere any faster.  Need to remember that.

I can’t rightfully complain much.  I have a pull-up bar, a few kettlebells of different weight, a single 10lb plate, a medicine ball, some 8lb dumbells, and a couple of 3lbs. (Where did those come from?!)  And my trusty yoga mat.  I’m not truly wanting for anything.  There is a lot that can be done with this randomly purchased equipment.  It just takes a bit of creativity and researching on-line. 

I am still healing from my last pregnancy.  Our #4 really did my body in.  I have tummy muscle troubles, resulting from diastisis recti (separation of muscles) and there are some workouts that can’t be done without possibly furthering the damage.  I happen to love ab workouts too.


Instead, I have been doing my special exercises to strengthen my transverse abdominals and I really think it’s working!  It will take time, especially since I was not doing these 6 weeks or so after #4.  There’s more to this story, but another time.  Ask your doc about when you can start these.

The next best thing I can possibly do for myself is eat properly, which is the one thing I am actually quite proud of.  (Have you seen me on Instagram?!)  It’s not as challenging as I thought it would be, cutting out a lot of terribly delicious carbs (like cookies, doughnuts, cupcakes, homemade bread, etc).  I also cut out boxed and packaged foods, and eat as close to fresh as possible.  Increasing my protein intake wasn’t hard either; I accepted the chicken life with ease.  

Buying protein is the next step, which to me is so hard!  It’s like standing in the oil aisle at an automotive shop.  They all pretty much do the same thing, right?  I am in the middle of a trial can, and it seems to be going down alright.  Some of them taste horrible and I can’t help but gag.

Ugh.  A challenge for another day.

What are some challenges you face on your path to fitness?

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5 thoughts on “I’m Gym-less

  1. I applaud you for being so fit – We don't have the extra funds for a gym membership (although we wish that we did), so for awhile I would work out to a YouTuber I watched – it was good for awhile, but I just have a hard time finding motivation.. I really need to start again.


  2. My biggest challenge can be my attitude. I usually get up around 5-6 but sometimes my attitude isn't where it needs to be. And I roll over and hit snooze. In those moments, I need to ask myself “How bad do I want it?”

    Good job with making time! That is awesome!


  3. Oh which Youtuber did you follow? I follow a couple, but most of the time I just search at random. Like “I want to do a leg workout” and there it is. I hear you on the gym membership. We are actually canceling our one membership because they won't watch our youngest until he turns two next year. I will be going on the military base or on campus when I go to school. It won't cost us a thing, thankfully. On days where I can't make it, I'll have to do something at home.


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