A Duffle Bag, Cooler, And An Open Road

Road trips.  They make it look so easy in the movies.

Just you and your suitcase.

Or in my case a duffle bag, a bag of heels in their boxes, 3 outfits on hangers, a first aid/safety kit, and road munchies. The healthy kind of course.

It was just me.

And my things.

But I promise I needed every single piece that was packed. 

Before I could begin to load the truck, I needed to:

Clean out a battery hold on my roadside flashlight
Re-stock my first aid kit
Look for a Rand Mcnally but my husband assured me Google maps would prevail.
Plan my meals (around chicken I cooked that day)
Borrow a small cooler
Remove and transfer all car seats to my mom’s vehicle.

The upholstery underneath looked brand new, what with the seats and towels and kid things gone. Had to take advantage of the opportunity, relish this temporary look, and give the seat a good dusting off. 

 My trip down started out as an exciting one-woman adventure.  There I was, riding solo, wind whipping stray hair from beneath my ‘Bama hat, music up as loud as I’ve never had it before…it was great!  I even had uninterrupted phone calls while using my Blue Tooth in the truck. 

Everything was awesome! 

4 hours into the drive later…….

I’m bored!

Are there any other interesting channels on Sirius XM?

I think I’m getting hungry.

Pretty sure I need gas.

I think I need to stretch.

I wonder how the kids are doing?

Desperation was the cause for all of my stops.  I ended up taking breaks purely out of boredom.  And with all the water I drank of course the bathroom was calling.  Stretching felt so good, for my sore muscles.  And people-watching.  That’s always fun and interesting.

I drank lots of water.  Stuck to eating my chicken.  Snacked on protein bars.  No need for fast food.  It was a first, traveling while sticking to my cleaner-eating diet.  I think went pretty well. 

The drive home went pretty much the same way, but with less pictures.  There’s something about heading back home that makes me lose interest in smelling the roses along the way.  I just want to get there.

I went shopping and bought pre-cooked chicken, fruits, some milk, and water.  Had the radio on.  Windows down.  Though this time the sun wouldn’t give me that weird tan on my legs, as I headed north with the sun on my right. 

Being on the road all the time, I honestly don’t know how truck drivers do it.  It would be way more fun with a partner.  The conversations would be balanced, instead of my one-sided stream of expletives towards other drivers. 

And, there would be more pictures….

This is where my friend took me, after arriving in Clearwater.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  

Gorgeous sunset from Clearwater, FloridaCan’t believe I used my cell phone and it came out this good.

I am thankful for the experience of once again riding solo.  Hadn’t driven alone for that long, in a while.  It wasn’t as easy as I had remembered, but I’m not complaining.  I found the peacefulness I needed on that drive down.  If you can imagine what a drive would be like with the entire family, then you know I deserved it.  🙂

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


2 thoughts on “A Duffle Bag, Cooler, And An Open Road

  1. I drove from Baltimore to Pensacola, Florida once time many moons ago when I was just a young thing. I should have called it a night in Alabama somewhere. Maybe sooner. It was not a good trip. I was hallucinating by the time I arrived.

    I know, I'm SO proud of myself! Haha!


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