Got Hunger?

Not too far into my journey, but I’m feeling some changes.  An obvious one would be the soreness.  I hurt all over, every day.  This is all good!  Pain equals gain equals progress.

Another would be the hunger.  I am always hungry.  I eat so much!  Trying to eat the right things can be difficult, too.  Especially when I need so much of it.  I have an ectomorphic body type.  Basically, this means I have a hard time gaining weight, I’m naturally skinny without having to do a thing, and I have a hard time putting on muscle.

The frustrating thing about it is that I have such a high metabolism that I am left feeling hungry all the time.  Literally a half hour after a meal, I feel like my stomach is empty.  

Healthy snacks are key.  I like to keep nuts on hand, raisins (though I don’t like them), granola, and peanut butter.  There are other things too, like fresh fruits and veggies.  I also like to have smoothies with plain Greek yogurt, fruit, select veggies, a little honey for taste, chia seeds, and sometimes I add a little ginger. 

Diet is crucial.  I’m still learning as I go, tweaking things here and there.  I can go HAM in the gym all day every day, but what I put into my body to fuel it is equally if not more important.  

And by diet, I don’t mean actively excluding these certain foods and limiting these, solely in an attempt to lose weight.  What I mean is the foods that I eat on a normal daily basis.  Read the nutrition facts.  Before you start any type of diet plan or make any sudden movements, seek expert advice.  Talk to someone who knows way more than me.  My feelings won’t be hurt. 😉  

I attended a nutrition class a couple of years ago.  Read this post to see what notes I took from the class. 

Here is one WOD (Workout of the Day) that I tried twice in the last week.  Maybe it should be WOW?  Anyway, when the weather suits me, I do this workout outside.  I love to throw the kettlebell down when I get done from a set.  No gentleness here!

Kettlebell Workout
Kettlebell swings 
Floor press
High pull
Russian twist
Sumo high pull
Push ups
Side Sprint
(I used this kettlebell workout link and made some variations. Each exercise is explained.)
I did 10 reps in each set.  I only made it through 3 sets.  Ugh.  I am so weak!  But the important part is that I got out and did it.  

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