More Kettlebell!

Kettlebells, I despise you!
That’s more like a half truth.  The workout was challenging.  I cursed a bit.  But tomorrow I will be glad that I did it.

I think the heat got to me too.  Working out in the sun is something I don’t enjoy.  Unless I am running on the beach.

That is where I’d really like to be right now.  The beach!

It requires a swim suit, since I’m not going to just sit in the sand and roast like a chicken.  Wearing a swimsuit means being comfortable in my own skin.

Aaaaaaaand…that is something I am currently not.

I’m still wearing my hibernating bear body.  What I need is a rocking beach body.

But I like the hibernating bear better!

Making the decision to get back into shape and sticking to it is tough.  It’s my health though.  Wish I had more like-minded friends here in the area.  A gym partner or two would be nice to help me stay motivated.  Maybe I can look on Craig’s List……….

I’ll get there eventually, even if it’s a solo ride.

Here is the WOD that I did.  One round of each, and there’s only one that I did not do.  I used today’s workout to get familiar with these exercises.  Otherwise, I’d pick 5 exercises and complete 5 rounds of each with sprints in between each round.

I asked Big D for full demonstrations of these exercises.  Youtube is a really great resource too if you’re going at it alone.

Happy kettlebelling!

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


8 thoughts on “More Kettlebell!

  1. Ha! Love the meme! Perfectly awesome!

    thanks for sharing the link to these exercises. I have a kettlebell that my hubby gave me a couple years ago but I've been too intimidated by it to use it. Maybe this is the prompting I need!

    Thanks Dee! Have a great week!


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