Waking Up In Virginia

I woke up in Virginia this morning.
True story and totally on purpose.  I’m going to be calling this place home for the next few days, with my BFF Bernice.  Happy to do so too!  I’m pretty excited to be spending this much time with this crazy girl.  Heart her.
It was so nice to wake up this morning to the birds chirping outside.  I found comfort in the sound of actual traffic on the highway.  I watched what I thought was marsh grass waving at me from the marsh.

Of all the sounds I could hear, my children were not one of them.  Yet.
Sleeping in was the best gift they could give me today.  What a peaceful way to start the day.  I needed that.
It’s been a long couple of days.  Since Friday actually.  Starting my Monday off like this was how I needed it to be.

What does the Hampton Roads area have in store for us this week?  I don’t know but I’m excited to find out.  It’s much better than being home in our small town, surrounded by fields of corn, and having to commute to Target.  Which I would happily do.

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