Cold Showers Will Usually Do It

Crawling into bed sounded like the only logical way to spend the next 10 minutes.  I was so sore.  So exhausted.  Instead, I opted for a shower.  Obviously the smart thing to do. 

I got into the shower, quickly realized that a hot shower was going to make it worse.  I cranked the cold water and waited for the warmth to dissipate.

What did I get myself into?

I literally felt sick as I stood in the shower, cool water running down my face.

Working out was a good idea, but now I feel terrible.

I started playing devil’s advocate with myself.

You’re weak.  Out of shape.  A tired 31/nearly-32-year-old.

It’s hard to get back into the game.  To begin at square one on the road to becoming fit.  At the moment, all I can think about is how badly I feel.  How much it hurts.  Why I can’t seem to stop sweating.  What it’s going to feel like tomorrow.

I’m whining terribly.

I should be celebrating a small victory.  Patting myself on the back.  All I can manage is a groan as I try to bend down and pick up the soap.

My legs are shaky and feel like rubber bands stretched to their limits.  My neck is feeling a little stiff.  My stomach is beginning to grumble in protest of this late workout.  I’m wondering how I will get downstairs for dinner.  Getting up them was enough of a challenge.

Then the most sensible phrase for the moment entered my mind.

“You’ll be better for it tomorrow.”

I need to stop whining.  Quit complaining.  Suck it up.  The work is done for the day.  I did it. 

It’s only my health.  It’s only my well-being that I am concerned with.  No big deal or anything.

Suddenly, the cool water was a little more refreshing.  The pain, a sign of progress.  My exhaustion tells me I did something today.   

I gained.

And I will be better for it tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Cold Showers Will Usually Do It

  1. I find that it's so hard to get motivated sometimes, especially when I've been in this position of starting over. I know it's going to hurt some days, I'm not going to feel like doing anything, and I will get frustrated. Too bad you can't do your blog reading while you're on the treadmill!


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