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Like most of my ideas, the great ones occur to me when I’m unable to sit for 20 minutes straight and hammer out my thoughts onto the computer.  When I finally do sit down, if I didn’t hastily get the idea out on Evernote, I’m screwed.

Evernote is my go-to app for taking down notes.  If it’s not in there, it never happened.  Just like pictures on a camera.  It only exists if it was caught on camera.

Honestly, I am still not sure about that logic.

I thought to myself “I don’t really want to take on any of my post ideas in here.  Why not just write?”

And thanks to my friend Lindsay over at Broke and Bougie I am going to try this out.(

So the idea here is to just go with the flow of thoughts.  Write down what you’re thinking while not really trying to think.  Make sense?  Let’s go!

1.  The draining winters in “Band of Brothers” is making me shiver.
2.  I’m wondering if I should quit watching this show as it gets closer to my bed time.

3.  What time do I want to go to bed tonight?  

4.  I don’t care what time I go to bed.  I am enjoying my free time.  I should grab a beer…

5.  “Band of Brothers” is still playing.  I grabbed a blanket, and I think I’ll make it through this one episode.  Boy, Easy Company sure has been through a lot, with weather and casualties and whatnot. I couldn’t imagine being serving my country during WWII.

6.  I’m thoroughly enjoying them talking about leadership and who these men would choose.  Pretty sure I had one of every kind during my stint with the military.

7.  Too lazy to grab my “To-Do” list paper, I’m making mental notes for tomorrow.  I have to bake “brookies” and add ganache this time.  Figure out what I’m wearing to this BBQ.  Pack the kids’ things… Taking the family out is hard work sometimes.

8.  I really wish I had some “brookies” to myself.

9.  Man, these guys look so cold in their foxholes! 

10.  I’m getting tired of transferring photos to my hard drive.  I’ve been at it all day.  The most devastating thing that could happen to me?  I could lose my pictures.  Oh that would be awful.  It IS awful.  I had my camera stolen in Costa Rica.  I remember crying my eyeballs out, such angry tears.  Going on with this move, with that in mind.  Hurry up!

11.  How do other bloggers organize their pictures? I have folders within sub-folders within folders.  I hate to leave pictures on my computer for fear of them being deleted/lost.  I’d like to know, how do they do it?!
12.  I’m super tired now.  
13.  Wow they just got a camera on “Band of Brothers!”  It’s pretty neat.
14.  Maybe a beer and a snack?

15.  I’m feeling that workout session I did this morning.  The small amount of pain is telling me I am making progress.  Maybe I will do one tomorrow too.

16.  Nix the beer.  And the snack.

17.  I am not sure how I should do my hair for tomorrow.  I leave it up all day long, because I don’t go anywhere.  It’s too hot outside.  My hair is too long and I have no real time to do anything to it.  Plus I think I need to get it colored.  I need a cut too.  It’s been almost a year.  Yikes!  Do people wait that long to get their hairs cut?  I feel like I get graded at the salon when I go in sometimes.  I wonder if they give you a grade in their head.  Maybe they just shake their head at you and “tsk-tsk” in their minds.  I never follow the rule of getting a hair cut every 6-8 weeks.  It’s expensive.  Or am I cheap? 

18.  Wouldn’t this be a fun link-up?  If people just sat and wrote a post based on the randomness floating around in their heads?  I think it would be fun to read.  I had so much fun reading Lindsay’s post.  I laughed for a good part of the day.  

19.  “You’re eyes are getting sleepy.  You’re getting very tired.  You want to go to bed!”
20.  I must say, it is that time.  I am getting sleepy.  Very tired.  I should be heading to bed now.  
Phew!  My brain sure does feel relieved.  I need to make this a weekly practice!

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This post has also been a part of my List It Friday series

4 thoughts on “Firing At Random | TGIF

  1. Ahh doesn't it feel good to get it out (and kind of make you feel like a psycho?) Glad to see I'm not the only totally random one here!

    ALSO- I do the once-a-year haircut thing too…so many things come up…it costs SO much money..then I am so so embarrassed when I go in. I'm like I don't care just do what you have to do to let it survive!


  2. It was so much fun!!! I totally did feel like a psycho. I must have re-read my “thoughts” and laughed several times.

    Why do hair cuts cost so much?! I feel like I save money if I cut it once a year. And hope that I don't have a bunch of split ends and nappiness by the time cutting season rolls around. Haha!


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