"You’re Eggs-actly Right!" Mason Jar Gift

It’s the summer solstice!  In other words, happy first day of summer!  It reminds me…I am a terribly late person for posting this just now.  Remember that entire week in May that is dedicated to showing appreciation for teachers?  Yeah…

I made this gift for my daughter’s teacher.  She wanted to give her something unique and fun, and reusable.  At least she got it on time, and that’s what counts!

Mason jars are the perfect little vessels for small trinkets, candy bark, homemade seasoning or  whatever your creative minds come up with.


Candy is the filler for this sweet little mason jar gift.  I made this before I attempted the candy bark (above) and this is where my beloved Cadbury Eggs went.  In case you were wondering.  Or not.

I had these jars on hand from my “Homemade Christmas 2013” (which hasn’t gotten posted yet – I know).  I bought the chevron elastic from The Plaid Barn, which is a neat craft supplies website.  (I picked up 3 colors.)

For the label, banner, and owl, I used Pic Monkey.  (I’m finding more and more ways to use this sweet website!)

How did I come up with the saying?  I asked M what her teacher says often and she said “You’re exactly right!”  We played around with a few, but this one made sense for the chocolate eggs.

Fun, right?!?  I thought so.

Put it all together, using Glue Dots for the labels.  That’s one awesome gift, for any occasion.

Now go enjoy the first summer day of the year!

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


6 thoughts on “"You’re Eggs-actly Right!" Mason Jar Gift

  1. What a beautiful idea!! Not only are those mini eggs in my Top 5 chocolates but that elastic band stuff you used is sooooo neat! I am reusing both of the ones that came on my jar of bark candy. Thanks again for that awesomeness!!


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