It’s Officially Summer Vacation!

While everyone was posting “end-of-the-school-year” photos of their kids, I was desperately awaiting M’s last day of school.  We bought her plane tickets to head to my In-laws in Texas and we have been working up to this day for quite some time.

Saturday was the big day for her.  Saturday was also supposed to be a fun-filled day for me.  Whoohoo for visits from my bespren!!!

I am posting this ahead of time because I know that we are going to be gallivanting all over Raleigh.  I’m really excited to have her stay with us this weekend!!!  I’ll have to tell you all about my weekend later, after it actually happens.

In the meantime, enjoy the recap from last week.

Hump Day Confessions: 

I am not truly a fan of Bruno Mars.  But, I will admit that I really enjoyed seeing him and Aloe Blacc in concert.

Attending a concert is an experience in and of itself.  There are so many people everywhere, which is a big deal if you don’t like crowds.  It’s loud.  Startlingly loud with pyrotechnics.  And the food is expensive.  I’d say suck it up in the crowd, wear ear plugs, and eat beforehand.

(Though I got laughed at for wanting ear plugs…)

DIY Anchor Wall Decor:
I am super proud of this simple “nap time” project.

I made this for L’s birthday party pallet.  Though I wish I had done this while sleeping like my sweet babies, I’ll say it didn’t take any time away from them for me to complete it.

Super easy, and it cost me $2!

Be sure to check out the details!

It is now Tuesday as I finish this post.  I thought I’d update you on my day trip to Raleigh.  There was no gallivanting.  There was no free day really.  I’d like to thank Delta Airlines for that.

Big fat thanks!

My oldest daughter was supposed to fly out on Saturday morning.  RDU Airport was ridiculous.  First of all, they need new signs leading to the airport.  That was the second time we have passed the “Exit” for the airport.  The signs are not clear.  It’s more of a guessing game.  It shouldn’t be that difficult to find.  They should look at BWI’s setup in Maryland and take some pointers.

Once we got inside, Delta’s check-in area was utterly a mess.  I mean, the lines were snaking around the crowd and those checking in had no idea which line to be in.  I must have cut in line 3 times, unintentionally.  Those in line kindly informed me of my wrong-doing.

As we waited in the correct line, it took SO LONG to get to the desk.  By the time we got up there, it was too late.  We had to rebook her flight.  Talk about being super irritated as is.  I wasn’t losing my cool like a lot of the other people in line with us, but I certainly was not happy.

In the end, we had to drive my daughter back home.  There was no way she could stay with us in Raleigh, because we had the concert to attend later that night.

(Oh and she ended up flying out on Sunday afternoon, after having another flight rebooked!)


That’s how we felt about driving ALL the way back home.  We contemplated taking naps, but the kids were all riled up when we walked through the door.  Of course they don’t understand the concept of time so they assume we are home for good for the day.

We dragged our butts upstairs to get ready for the concert.  It was slightly painful, since all we wanted to do was sleep.  Driving all the way to and from Raleigh with no real break in between can wear you out!  (Big D thinks we were crazy)

Raleigh was in our sights, at about 6:30.  Concert at 8.  There was literally no time for meeting up with some some friends, or even having a decent pre-concert meal.  We settled for these nachos at this restaurant near the arena, which was fine because we were pretty excited to finally be heading to the concert.  Who has time to gorge on food with all this excitement?

Nachos washed down with a few adult beverages, and we were ready to go!  And it was so much fun.  I hardly get a chance to get out of the house to do something without kids.

You’re telling me solo grocery trips don’t count?

I soaked up the entire night.  I relished the freedom, savored the beer, laughed with my BFF, and enjoyed the music.  This was a true start to our summer vacation.  Even if the rest of our Saturday plans came unhinged.

What did you do to kick off summer vacation?

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2 thoughts on “It’s Officially Summer Vacation!

  1. I was so ecstatic to finally have you all to myself despite the fact that I lost my patience a few times on Saturday. Womp womp wommmppppp, just like you said!! In the end, it was all better and I was happy to have spent the time with you!! I look forward to more of “our” days together!!! THANK YOU again so much for taking me to that concert… I had so much fun shaking my tail feather!


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