List-It Friday – Groupon For Our Free Time

Happy Friday everyone!

Big D is off today, and it totally made me feel like today was Saturday.  I went to bed thinking “Crap, I didn’t write my List-It Friday post.”

Good news: It’s actually Friday today!!!

Friday the 13th, to be exact.  Anyone out there superstitious?  Not me.  Unless something unusual happens.  Or anything that can be blamed on the date.  Like spilling an abnormal amount of food on my white shorts.  Which did not happen today.

Anyway, just for grins and giggles, I’ve got an entertaining list for you today.  You all know that I’m heading to Raleigh tomorrow.  We are going to be there all day, so we need to occupy our time before the concert. (Click here for more on that)

I thought “Why not check out Groupon and see what they have to offer.”

Little did I know there were going to be so many options!

So I went and picked a few….

1.  I like beer.  She likes beer.  We both like swag.  Hell yes!
2.  It’s hot out and we both enjoy the water.  Why not?
3.  Not sure how well this would work out, after the beer tour but hey!  Could be fun!
4.  Letting out a little bit of pent up aggression never hurt anyone – as long as you’re wearing some protective gear.

5.  What can I say?  Round 1 may not have been enough!
6.  Maybe a nice relaxing artsy activity might be the key.
7.  Lets make some noise!  Or not.
8.  Great minds think alike!  We totally want to do this.  One day.

This has been brought to you by the List-It Friday series.

(And these whiskey sours.)

Which one of these Groupons would you buy for a girls’ day?

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


2 thoughts on “List-It Friday – Groupon For Our Free Time

  1. I would actually do all of these with you! I love fun. I love adventure. I love my bespren. All of those combined? Heck yah!! Although I must admit that I am scared to death of being hit by a paintball….that only means one thing though. .. when I do go, I must make sure I am in ninja mode. ..can't be wasting my half Asian-ness!! Hahaha


  2. Hahahaha!!! Ninja mode? Count me in on that. I have never been hit with a paint ball either. I imagine it's like being punched in the face by a kid, only MUCH harder. Bahaha! We will wear double the protection gear, how does that sound? I'm so glad you liked my list! And I'd LOVE to go zip-lining! Let's do it!


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