DIY Anchor Decor for Sailor-Themed BBQ/Party

Last month, L celebrated his first birthday.  Now that I am getting around to posting about L’s birthday party, you will see a series of posts referring to his Sailor-Themed party.  There’s much to cover, and I am excited to share it with you.  
We had a sailor-theme and I had a ridiculous amount of fun with it.

Sailor-themed decor was not plentiful, in my opinion.    It’s most likely because I was being picky particular and didn’t want the cartoonish look.  I also didn’t want to venture out too far into the pirate-inspired theme.

The question that tends to automatically go off in my head is “Why not make them myself?”

Well, that’s a brilliant idea, Dee. As always.  Let’s do this!

And we did.  I did.  This is getting weird.   

Here is what you need:

Cardboard (I used a rather large Amazon box, doubling up) = free
Exacto knife or awesome scissors = On hand
Twine or rope or jute (you get the picture) = $1 at the Dollar Tree
Glue gun = On hand
Wrapping skills = Priceless 🙂

Using two big pieces of cardboard (two walls of an Amazon box) I drew and cut out an anchor.  Glue both pieces of cardboard anchors together to keep them from shifting while you wrap them.

You’ll never guess what I used to wrap the cardboard cut-out so I’ll just save time and tell you: clothes line!  You wouldn’t guess it was clothes line.  I actually bought it specifically for wrapping wine bottles, because I loved the shade of green and white.  A couple of years later it comes in handy.

I also used twine to complete the anchor, since I ran out of the clothes line.

The front had to look pretty so I glued everything on the back side to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere.  Especially around the curves of the anchor.  So we will not be looking at the back. 

Basically what you want to do is wrap around both cardboard cutouts.  On the straighter areas, I glued once every few go-rounds.  On the curvier parts, I had to glue every time I went around it.  As you wrap, keep it tight.

To display, I had some hooks from IKEA that were not occupied at the time.  I took one and hung it on my pallet for the porch display.  Then I placed the anchor on the hook.  You can definitely get creative. Use burlap strips, rope from the hardware store, chain, strip of coordinating fabric, etc. 

There is my super simple anchor made for L’s birthday decor.  Isn’t it sweet?

Also check out this link for the sailor-themed invitations I made:

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


2 thoughts on “DIY Anchor Decor for Sailor-Themed BBQ/Party

  1. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to use your idea and adapt it for a centerpiece for a tablescape (I hope I can find my jute twine to make one with). I will be signing up as a new member. I am always looking for new ideas to use for my tables. Have a great day….. Candy


  2. Oh I am flattered! I don't mind at all. That's why I share 😉 I love seeing things that people create, so send me a link to check your tablescape out! What are you becoming a member of?

    Thanks for stopping by!


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