5 Things Friday – Random Things I Learned This Week

TGIF right?  Even if I am dead tired and can barely keep my eyes open to post this.

You know what though?  I’m finally sitting down and doing something that I want to do.  I will hold my eye lids open with clothes pins (should sheer will power be insufficient).

Instead of my typical List-It list, I think I’ll go for the 5 Things Friday list.



Here we go!

My 5 Things Friday consists of things I learned this week that I did not know before.

1.  Kale is delicious on pizza.  I tried it tonight, and it’s just short of amazing.  Enjoyed an IPA while I was at it.
2.  When mailing a letter, it has to be 1 ounce or less in weight.  I get this confused with packages, which are only the cost of one stamp if it weighs under 13 ounces. (Image source)
3.  You can actually save your pictures in Snapchat!
4.  Chia pets are made from chia seeds.  Really, my best friend and I should have known through common sense.  Chia pet…chia seeds…
5.  Wall paper is great for more than just walls.  True story, read it here.

Your turn!  What did you learn this week?

 photo simplysig_zps2deaa2f8.png


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