Hump Day Confessions #20: "Party Planner" Is Not My Calling…Yet

Confession:  I don’t rock as a party planner.

I am a perfectionist.  At least I try to be, when it comes to planning parties, cooking, projects…those types of things.  

Imagine the conflict of interest when I throw 4 kids into the mix.  There is no time for perfection.  Or if I try and squeeze it in there, my kids are probably running amuck and lighting things on fire.

(No not really.)

When Big D and I got engaged, I immersed myself in the planning process.  Never before did I care about weddings and things of that nature.  But all of a sudden I had a timeline built, scheduled appointments to check out venues, even decided that my favorite flowers were orchids.  (As you know, I’m not a flower person.  I do love orchids though.)

We ended up not having a real wedding like I had been planning.    Honestly it didn’t matter to me because I didn’t want a big fancy schmancy ordeal.  Justice of the Peace did just fine.  (A story for another time) 

This short wedding planning period set into motion the idea that I could create a career out of planning.  
Say what?!

I liked to plan.  Price check.  Be organized.  Save money.  Get creative.  Especially if it wasn’t for me.  I am much better behind the scenes as a planner, than I am front and center as a bride or birthday girl or what have you.  

I am so weird.

Well fast forward to the me who doesn’t want to be a career party planner.  Just yet.  My planning skills start off great.  But then time lapses and I forget, and all of a sudden it’s around the corner.  Then I’m in a crazy mad rush to complete projects, order what needs to be ordered on-line, come up with a menu plan, buy gifts…  
I’m usually the one running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Either barking orders or mumbling to nobody in particular.  Whatever is going on inside my head is indiscernible to those around me.
I’m sure nobody will care if the lumpia isn’t fresh out of the oil, nice and hot.  Or the wooden stars hanging from the ceiling don’t sparkle enough after two coats of metallic spray.  Or if my top hat cake is a little top-heavy and unlike a top hat at all.

I become a mess.  Things start going awry.  Like the chaos of my confetti-littered living room, thanks to that magician I hired for a party a few years ago.   Big D was not happy about the way he threw confetti everywhere, signifying his finale.

Not this year.  Totally ahead of the game.  I made a lot of mental notes with my mental pencil.  A few weeks ago, I decided to put those notes to paper.  (Actually I’m using my Evernote app on my computer and tablet.)  And there will be no magicians.
The main event: My big boy is turning 1 in May (holy cow May starts tomorrow!)  Time sure has flown.  Life has certainly taken a couple left and right turns on me.  But I have been counting down.  His first birthday is something I have been looking forward to planning.

Some of you know this already, but all three of my girls have winter birthdays.  I have gone to great lengths to be creative with themed birthday parties for them.  Though I will admit it’s much easier to have birthday parties in warmer months.
I’ve enlisted my 11-year-old, M, in the whole planning process.  She thinks it’s totally cool, and has some really creative ideas.  

As of right now, we are totally rocking this to-do list.  
Because I love my readers so much, I’m going to be blogging about L’s first birthday party!  It’s going to be fun.  There is a lot to do, and so much to document, so you’ll have to be patient.  I may even start posting teasers, so look out for those.

How about you?  Have a juicy confession for me?

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4 thoughts on “Hump Day Confessions #20: "Party Planner" Is Not My Calling…Yet

  1. I bet you will plan an awesome party for your baby boy! How fun to have your girls help you, too! I am so not a good party planner. But I can always try, right? Good luck and I hope you stay sane. . .and if you don't well it'll be great stories to share, lol!


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