Weekly Recap & Our Wedding Anniversary

I just spent this evening getting caught up on Nashville and Grey’s Anatomy.  Nashville is getting juicy!

I had a great weekend.  There wasn’t much work completed, as far as projects go, but it was nice to slow down a bit.  I crammed so many activities into the week that I was really grateful for Friday to arrive.

If you missed anything on the blog, you’re in luck!  Sunday is here, and that means it’s time for my weekly recap.  Enjoy!

Happy Anniversary!
Big D and I have officially been married for 6 years!  Seems like such a long time, but time has flown too. We always tease about how 10 years is the maturity of our relationship and that it won’t amount to anything after that.  Aren’t we so nice to each other?  
All joking aside, we are so blessed with the life we have created, and could not be happier.  Most of the time.  Haha.
To celebrate, we waited until the weekend, got a sitter, and enjoyed a kid-free dinner.  We went to a local ale house that we have been wanting to try out.  Dinner was so-so.  I always have high hopes for the French Dip Sandwich.  But the beer was good!  Guinness poured on top of Blue Moon, calling it “Dark Side Of The Moon.”  My two all-time favorite beers in one.  Pretty clever, and tasty.  🙂 
Here’s to many more years, Big D!
I sleep in an obstacle course
I made a confession this week on the condition of my bedroom.  I liken it to an obstacle course.  Poor Big D is always tripping over things in the middle of the night.  Come check out the entire confession here.
A restful weekend
I spent the past week running here there and everywhere, trying to make up for a bad start to Spring Break.  Took some pretty cool pictures too.  Check it out here.
To Do
On my list for the week, I need to sit down with my monthly blog calendar and diligently write out a blog plan.  I have been suffering from memory and inspiration loss lately.  I’ll be outside staring at something, only the way a blogger in deep thought would, drafting out a post in my head.  But it disappears somewhere up there and never comes to fruition.  
SO, blog post planning is my priority this week.
Secondly, tying up loose ends on projects.
Thirdly, cleaning out a closet, the attic, a drawer – something.  I need to declutter and I don’t even care where I begin.
What are your plans this week? 

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