Weekends Are For Resting

I started off my Friday feeling pumped about the weekend.  Ate that doughnut this morning and it went downhill for me.  I think my body is trying to tell me something.

No more sweets!

Sweets are probably not the only issue.  I need a day to rest.

This week I’ve been going hard with the kids.  It’s my oldest daughter’s Spring Break and we started it off last Thursday on the wrong foot.  Actually we started it off in bed, because half of this house was sick with some sort of bug.

So I thought I could make up for the Easter weekend festivities that we missed out on.

We ate wonderful Easter M&Ms.


Took the older ones to see Rio2. 

We went to the park.  Did some sight-seeing.
Flirted with the idea of taking home some of these treasures. (The kids let me stop)
Enjoyed coffee with my best friend, for as long as the timed parking limit allowed. (2 hours)
Hung out in Raleigh, at a really neat park with a train.

Some other things:
My first Butter Pecan iced coffee.  So delicious! //instagram.com/p/nOShOemQfY/embed/

I even got myself a pen pal.  (Hi Kristy!)

We made up for it and then some.  The kids and I had a pretty busy week while Dad worked.  They ran me into the ground!

What did you do this week? Glad for a weekend to rest?

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I linked up here:
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8 thoughts on “Weekends Are For Resting

  1. Awesome pictures. It sounds like an absolutely lovely week… aside from the initial stomach bug thing (that's never fun).

    I LOVE your website's makeover Dee! It's perfect and so clean looking! Way to go!

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  2. Thank you for linking up with Small Victories Sunday this week. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I took my kids to the mountains both days this weekend and they had a blast becoming Jr. Park Rangers. I needed to rest big time on Monday when they went back to school. Whew! I have pinned this to the Small Victories Sunday board.


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