Hump Day Confession #19: I Sleep In An Obstacle Course

Welcome to another Wednesday!

If you are checking in for the first time on a Wednesday, welcome!  I chose this day of the week for my Hump Day Confessions series, where I will post something about myself that I want to ‘fess up to.  I keep it light and humorous (or at least I think it is) to entertain you guys.

I encourage you to join in if you’d like!  Leave a comment with a link-back to your post.  I’d love to read it!

Hump Day Confession:

As parents, we teach our kids how to be responsible and dependable.    We try to give them chores.  Let them take care of business.  Independent worker bees, trying to earn an allowance.
I’m a little irresponsible in that department.  I don’t clean my room, as I should.

Somebody better take away my craft funds, and send me to my room.

I technically share the room with Big D.  But for the sake of this post and the mess, I claim the entire thing.
I’m a girl, I have lots of things.

Shoes.  Purses.  Luggage and traveling bags.  Belts.  (Why so many? I don’t know.)  Laundry.  Miscellaneous items.

Big D is tired of getting out of bed in the middle of the night only to be assaulted by a rogue hair brush.  Or taken out at the knees by laundry baskets.  A Walgreens haul lying on the floor has been known to send him cursing and groping angrily for something to steady himself as he checks for a broken toe. 

Why are those things there?  It’s not that I don’t want to pick up.

I can’t find nor make time to get my crap together.  Literally.  I clean every other room in this house, just not the one that houses my things.  It is the least visible so I get away with closing the door on the mess.  

That’s what doors are for, right?  

I never had this problem as a teen, when you’d think it would be most common.  (Or at least I don’t think I did.)  My floor was cleared.  Bed was made…most of the time.  My dresser was a neat and tidy working space.  Shelves displayed my collectibles.  And my closet was neat, with my clothes hung in rainbow order, then by type.  No I am not kidding.  (That didn’t last long, but hey!  It looked pretty.)

I wish I could be sent to my room to clean it.  

It just so happens that May 10th is “Clean Your Room” Day!!!  I think that Big D would appreciate my public announcement even more if I acted on it.  For the sake of our marriage.  

No more tripping.  No more toe stubbing.  My dresser would be a clear organized working space.  And I’d be able to find my bed. 

Anyone else?    

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