Vlog: Backdrop Frame for Less than $40

Happy Wednesday everyone!  As I squeeze in my post at the end of the day.

I’m linking up to Mama Kat’s weekly vlog link-up this week, and I’m excited because it is my first….


Let me show you how to do something!

Today class, we are going to be building our very own backdrop frame!


Any photography enthusiasts out there?


This has been on my bucket list for a while.  Since I’ve really been getting into photography techniques, now was a good time to tackle this project.

I couldn’t access the tutorial, or even see if there was one, but I figured it couldn’t be difficult to make.

I found it here on Pinterest:
Picture from “Life In The Thrifty Lane”; My access denied

Shopping List
10′ 1 1/2″ thick PVC pipe x 4
1 1/2″ slip tee x 4
End cap x 4
1 1/2 elbow x 2
By taking a look at the pin, it’s pretty easy to figure out where the pipes go.  But for the sake of wanting to write it all down, let’s do some math.
Cut List:
The 4 10-foot pipes were cut down to 7 feet by the wonderful guy in the plumbing department at Lowe’s.  Or else they wouldn’t fit in the bed of my truck.  And it was four cuts I didn’t have to do. 
Using 2 of the remaining 3-footers, cut off 12″ (for the “heel”)
Take 2 of the 7-foot pieces and cut so you end up with 36″ and 48″ (for “legs”)

Instead of using the exact measures, and in true Dee style, I made the feet a little larger, and the legs are 4 inches longer.

Two of the now 7-foot pipes will be used for the horizontals.
The other two 7-foot pipes were cut to make the two 36″ and 48″ vertical “leg” pipes. I kept the extra 4″ on there.  (Like I said, true Dee fashion)

Remember the 3 feet that were cut off at Lowe’s, from each 10-foot piece?  Well I took two of those and lopped off 12 inches.  Boom!  36″ and 24″ “feet.”
Now that all your pieces are cut, let’s start putting that frame together. 
  • Attach an elbow at each end of one 7′ pipe.  Attach a slip tee to each end of the other 7′ pipe.
  • Take the 48″ pipe and attach a slip tee.
  • Then for each 24″ and 36″ attach an end cap to one end.
Can you see how this is going to come together?   

I bet a video would help!  This is my first video tutorial, so admittedly my narration could be better.  


I linked up here:
Mama Kat’s Vlogging Workshop  

Fearlessly Creative Mammas

14 thoughts on “Vlog: Backdrop Frame for Less than $40

  1. I made a makeshift one- well, hubby did. I'm anxious to see yours though, because ours is a bit wonky & we want to make a new one. This is the exact pin we looked at too!! I made a curtain for it, and we set it up at parties and I use it for the blog.


  2. This is exactly how I made it using the PVC stuff. Is yours wobbly? I thought about using the purple goop…I think it's cement, to permanently attach the fittings. I will have to do another post when I use it outside. I had planned on using it for a mini sesh, but it got cold again today!!!

    How big is yours?


  3. That is so neat! My husband wanted to work with stop animation when he was younger. Is it his hobby?

    I'd appreciate the share, though I hope my directions are easy to follow. I took the most time writing that part of the blog out, even drawing sketches and sweating over the math. (Yeah, not too fond of math)

    Thanks so much for the compliment and for stopping by!


  4. Oh my I am just now seeing this! Shame on me…
    It's really hard to get in front of the camera. I feel awkward every single time. Though I must admit, this time around I feel like I was a little bit more comfortable.

    I love my backdrop frame! I can't wait to use it outside, when the weather is nice for more than just a day. And no tornadoes! Haha!


  5. Oh you made one out of cardboard? I saw one made using thick foam poster board and thought it would be nice for taking pictures on a smaller scale. Like food for example. I feel like I have terrible lighting in my kitchen so any way to boost potential for natural lighting is a plus.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  6. And entertaining, I hope. Haha! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really want to make smaller ones for food pictures and smaller crafts. This big one will come in handy at parties. I'm so excited to dress it up for my son's first birthday party – sailor/nautical theme!


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