Pin It To Win It With Cozi

*Disclaimer: This is not a compensated post.  However, should you participate, I will be compensated per entry, via the clickable link below.  

I blog a lot about DIY projects and spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes.  Things I am pretty passionate about.  What I don’t mention very often on the blog is my “behind the scenes” time as a mom.

Blogging is a lot of work, on top of everything else I do as Super Woman a mom.  In trying to tackle all the things on my to-do list every day, my responsibilities “behind-the-scenes” account for a lot of my time.
How do I keep track?  
I don’t think there is a mom out there who would disagree on having a never-ending to-do list with raising a family.
Being a mom is a tough job!

We cook.  Clean.  Do the shopping.  Praise.  Chauffeur.  Referee.  Comfort.  Dry tears and bandage boo-boos.  We don’t always get showers.  Our outfits are as simple as yoga pants and a tee.  We eat last, when our food is cold.  Sometimes we stand while doing it.  Treasured moments are being alone in the bathroom with the doors shut.  We multi-task like nobody’s business.  Some of us run on caffeine.  

And, we remember everything.  

Taking mental notes on the fly, where there may not be enough capacity inside our brains.  Not only do I have to remember all things kids, but everything that Big D is supposed to remember as well.

That’s where Cozi comes into my life.

Cozi is pretty much your virtual memo board.  It’s really nice to have the ability to brain dump all of that information into one place.  The calendar is super helpful.  There is even a separate calendar for birthdays, and other features like the journal.

My favorite thing about Cozi is that I can customize it.  I can choose which family members will receive the calendar reminders too.    Their site is user-friendly, and mobile.  I use it on my desk top as well as my phone.

Guess what other awesome thing Cozi is doing?  In honor of Mother’s Day, Cozi is giving moms a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

It is so super simple to enter.

All you have to do is follow Cozi on Pinterest, and pin something from their board.

Click me! Oh click ME!!! and head on over to “Pin It To Win It: Ultimate Mother’s Day” for your chance to win.

Now go get your pin on!

(I told you that would be easy, didn’t I?)


2 thoughts on “Pin It To Win It With Cozi

  1. Isn't it super helpful? I love when my husband tells me “Oh we have an appointment on this day for this kid…” Although I'm already on it, just the fact that he is aware and in the loop makes me feel good.

    Thank you for supporting!


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