Latest Thrifty Haul

Whenever I need something for a project, the thrift stores are the first place I check.  There’s always something I’m bound to find a use for.     

I went to a Goodwill store in search of a black sheet.  I need one as a photo prop so that I can test out a photography tip that I found. 

No black sheets, but…

It didn’t keep me from walking out empty-handed.  I acquired a gray sheet and a red decorative throw pillow.  It’s actually quite heavy; more like a heaving pillow.

The best kind of hauls are the ones that are unplanned.

A couple other things I happened to aquire…

This decorative wall hanging board with fruit stenciled onto it gave me a few good ideas.  I’m thinking maybe I could sand it down, clean it up, repaint, then put my own patterned stencil on this.  Maybe some chalk board paint, or mod podge some pretty paper…  I bought some outdoor acrylic paint, which is what I suspect one would use for bird houses and signs.  I don’t know, really.  This is new territory for a spray painter like me.

Eventually it will hang on my front door, maybe pair it with a wreath.

Now this other piece is kind of unique.  I guess it is supposed to be hung near a phone, and it’s like a message station.  I doubt it would get any use near the only plugged in phone in our house. (Does anyone even use landlines?!)  

I really like the little drawer.  The sides of the drawer are a little loose, but a few panel nails would secure it.  The knob – not sure if this is a keeper.  I like the seashell knob, but I don’t have a seashell theme….I think I may have just gotten out of the small creative rut for this piece.  It’s going to be fun!

As well as great minds can think alike, it so happened that my best friend wanted to head into The Venue and meander through the “aisles” last weekend.  This is a straight up furniture and decor store of things that had new life breathed into them.  I loved every minute I was in there.  I have another post I will share on this later though.  So many pretty things!

I have to show off at least one of my favorite pieces from the Venue.  I ended up coming home with these fun pieces to commemorate our first visit.
They are old doors to something.  Reminds me of a chicken coop.  Only one has chicken wire.  I have a really good idea for these, and I cannot wait to get started!

How about you?  Find anything good lately?


4 thoughts on “Latest Thrifty Haul

  1. I'm so happy to have found them. I don't tend to find very many cool things, and when I do it's like few and far between. So yay! I found these within a two-week time frame!

    I'm thinking maybe chalk board paint, maybe try my hand at milk paint? I don't know! The best thing is that there's no hurry or pressure to finish it. Thanks for stopping by!


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