Cheap Pom-Pom Wall Art

Fun quick and easy craft projects make my heart go pitter-patter.  I’m constantly tasking myself with much bigger projects, like painting furniture.  Being able to accomplish a project in just a few hours is a nice change to the norm.  And the best news of all: I finally hung that second picture ledge just so I could display my new frame.

I happened to be on Facebook one day, and I came across this cute definition of Mom on Joy of Mom’s Facebook page.

It was too cute to pass up.  I printed it out, ripping around the edge of the print, for effect.  Yes, I left the Joy of Mom icon on it, not even bothering to cover it up.  It’s a good reminder of where I found this print.  And that there’s joy in motherhood, even when we are feeling a bit frazzled.

Anyway, I had these frames from Walmart.  We bought them several years ago, and reluctantly kept them around.  They still had plastic on them when I pulled them out!  (One was broken and met a different fate.)  They are the cheap glass certificate frames, in a barely-there black frame.  It was pretty plain.  And sad, crying out “please decorate me and give me new life!”  How could I not?

I thought “I’m going to slap some paint on you, and decorate your edge up a bit.”  

I chose a gray acrylic and did a couple of coats over the glass.  I think it looks so much better than leaving it as it was.

While it dried, I was left to brainstorm ideas on how I would decorate the rest of the frame.

Washi tape was out of the question, because it wouldn’t be seen if you looked at it head on.  And…well, I’m particular and I wanted to be able to admire the pretty washi tape from any angle.  

Instead, I had these pom-poms from (you guessed it) the Dollar Tree.  I fired up my glue gun and attached the pom-poms, one at a time.  I literally zipped through this part.

I stood back to admire it.  It was 110% better already. 

Now for the paper layout.  I went with what I had on hand.  I have been wanting to use these pretty printed papers.
(Oh I do love pretty papers!)

I thought that keeping them centered and upright was boring.  I rotated one square, then took my brush and Mod Podge, and applied it directly to the paper.  I let it dry just a bit before laying the paper down onto the painted glass.  That’s the best way I know how to avoid bubbling up and wrinkling.  It cannot be too wet.

I did the same with the other papers, placing them at angles.

Even more proud was I, when I sent the final pic off to my best friend.  She thought the same thing I did: this frame idea was totally outside of my decorating comfort zone.

It’s loud, compared to what you see around my house, but that’s okay!  This frame has a new home atop that picture ledge in the hallway, to be admired by all.  Also as a reminder that I am really Super Woman hiding under the facade of yoga pants, t-shirt, and messy hair.

What do you think of the new life I gave to this frame?

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